Responsible Pet Ownership

Greater Shepparton City Council encourages responsible pet ownership.

Dog and Cat Registration

Every dog and cat over the age of three months must be registered. See our Animal Registration page for more information.


Responsible pet ownership includes desexing. The Australian Veterinary Association, Victorian Division, together with the Municipal Association of Victoria and the Greater Shepparton City Council operate the cat and dog reduced fee desexing voucher scheme. 

MultipleĀ Dogs or Cats

Council’s Local Law Number 1, Community Living section 6.2 and 6.3 make it an offence to keep more than two dogs and two cats in a residential or commercial area without a permit.

It is possible to apply for a permit to keep extra dogs or cats under certain circumstances. Contact Council to enquire about applying for a permit or download a copy of the permit application form below.

Wandering Animals

Wandering domestic animals on roads or in public areas should be reported to the Animal Management Department.

Council offers an emergency after hours ranger service from 5pm to 8.15am Monday to Friday and all hours of the weekend, to deal with Animal Management and Local Laws emergencies including stock on Council-controlled roads, dog attacks, injured animals and other situations deemed by an authorised officer to be an emergency.

For an emergency please contact Council on (03) 5832 9700, and to report an animal emergency, please press 1. If you wish to report a local laws emergency, please press 2.

Non-emergency situations including enquiries for the Animal Shelter, reports of uncontained dogs, noise issues and burning off in residential or commercial areas are dealt with during business hours and will not be attended to by our afterhours service.

Please report non emergencies by calling (03) 5832 9700 during business hours.

Owners of wandering animals may be fined. See the Local Laws page for more information.

Promotional information packs on responsible pet ownership are available at the Council office. Follow the links below to find out more about responsible pet ownership programs.

  • PetNet is the website of the Petcare Information and Advisory Service Australia Pty Ltd (PIAS), which was established in 1966 as an autonomous, non-commercial organisation committed to promoting socially responsible pet ownership.
  • RSPCA Victoria is a non-government, community based charity that works to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.
  • Who's for Cats is designed to teach people how they can assist when finding unowned cats around their property. If you find any unowned cats in your neighbourhood, it is best to take them to the Shepparton Animal Shelter. The shelter has cat traps available to hire if you find any unowned cats around your property.
  • The Victorian State Government has information about looking after the welfare of your pet dog, cat, rabbit or bird.