Movement of Livestock (Fact Sheet 20)

Community Living Local Law No 1 states:

8.8 Movement of Livestock

A person who is in charge of movement of livestock on any road does not require a permit under this Local Law but shall comply with the following requirements:

  1. ensure all livestock shall reach their destination by the most direct route consistent with the requirements of this Local Law and any direction of an authorised officer;
  2. ensure livestock are only to be on the road for the time it reasonably takes to move them to their destination;
  3. ensure, as far as possible, the livestock are moved during daylight hours;
  4. comply with any directions from an authorised officer with regard to:
    1. the route to be followed; and
    2. the protection from damage likely to be caused by livestock to the road, native roadside vegetation, any construction on the road, roadside drainage or private property.
  5. ensure the livestock are supervised and under effective control by a person who is competent in the management of livestock;
  6. ensure any livestock excretion deposits on the road pavement are removed if required by an authorised officer for prevention of danger to other road users;
  7. otherwise comply with all the requirements of the guidelines prepared by the Roads Corporation and referred to in the Road Safety (Road Rules) Regulations 1999. 


First offence - 4 penalty units ($400.00)
Second or subsequent offence - 8 penalty units ($800.00)

If you have received a Caution Notice-Notice to Comply please ensure that you follow the compliance details. Failure to comply may result in an infringement being issued.

For more information please contact the Local Laws Branch on (03) 5832 9741.