Greater Shepparton Affordable Housing Reference Group

A key action from the Greater Shepparton Affordable Housing Strategy is the establishment of the Affordable Housing Reference Group, which it provides an important resource for effective and efficient use of Council’s resources in addressing Affordable Housing shortages.

The Affordable Housing Reference Group advises Council on matters and issues related to Affordable Housing across Greater Shepparton, including assisting in identifying suitable sites, conducting relevant research, responding to the needs of vulnerable groups, promoting understanding and awareness of housing issues, advocating and sourcing external funding, and providing recommendations on policy matters, including the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme.

The group has representatives from Council and several member organisations involved in delivering Affordable Housing or representing those in need of housing. It also has up to four community representative positions for members of the community who are unaffiliated with these member organisations. The community representative positions are voting members of the group and are generally appointed for a two-year term.

Council adopted amended Terms of Reference for the Group at the Council Meeting held on 21 February 2023.

For more information, please contact the Building, Planning and Compliance Department on (03) 5832 9730.