Greater Shepparton Regional Certifying Body (RCB)

Employers applying to the Department of Home Affairs to sponsor an overseas professional under the new Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional nomination visa (subclass 494) are required to apply for an assessment by a Regional Certifying Body.

Regional Certifying Bodies (RCBs) only provide advice to the Department of Home Affairs (The Department); they do not approve nor refuse Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (SESR) employer nominations.

Obtaining positive RCB advice does not automatically guarantee that the SESR employer nomination will also be approved by the Department of Home Affairs.

If the SESR employer nomination is not approved by The Department, do not contact the RCB. The Department will provide the nominating employer or their agent with advice in relation to any appeal rights you may have and the due process. The Department of Home Affairs can be contacted on 13 18 81 or visit the Department website.

Greater Shepparton City Council is required to provide advice to the Department of Home Affairs that the identified person would be paid at least the annual market salary rate for the occupation.

Greater Shepparton City Council is a Regional Certifying Body (RCB) for:

  • City of Greater Shepparton
  • Strathbogie Shire
  • Murrindindi Shire
  • Moira Shire
  • Mitchell Shire

The purpose of the certification process is to ensure that:

  • The vacancy is in regional Victoria
  • The position and business is genuine 
  • The terms and conditions of the positions are no less favourable than those of a similar position

Contact details for the RCB are:

Request an assessment by the Greater Shepparton RCB

  1. Download and complete the Assessment Checklist.
  1. Download and complete sections 1-10 of the Form 1404 - Regional Certifying Body Advice

Department of Home Affairs

PDF, 142 KB

  1. Submit all documents and relevant attachments
  2. Pay the application fee upon receipt of an invoice

You must provide the relevant documents to support all claims made in your application, and fully complete the checklist before submitting.

Upon receipt of your documents the Greater Shepparton City Council will issue you with an invoice in the sum of $550 inclusive of GST. Applications are processed within 28 days of receipt of payment and all required documentation. 

Upon receipt of your payment the RCB agent will commence processing your application which will be completed within 28 days.

There will be no refunds for poorly prepared documentation submitted for assessment by the Greater Shepparton RCB.

Applications that do not supply an appropriately sized envelope for the return of documents will be securely destroyed on completion of assessment.

What will the Greater Shepparton RCB do with my documentation?

  • The Greater Shepparton RCB will assess the documentation provided against the required criteria and complete the last section of the Regional Certifying Body Advice Form 1404 (questions 11-15).
  • The completed Form 1404 will be returned to the employer/agent for inclusion in their On-line Nomination Application with the Department of Home Affairs.

NB: From this point the Greater Shepparton RCB is no longer involved in the process.

Please note that a positive 'satisfies' RCB assessment does not ensure the Department of Home Affairs will approve the RSMS Nomination.