Business preparation for an emergency event involves the physical activities that should be performed following an emergency warning.

Evacuation Kit

All businesses should prepare an Evacuation Kit containing a copy of your Emergency Management and Recovery Plan, Critical Information File, Evacuation Plan or Maps, Asset Register and any other document crucial to your business recovery. 

In preparing for an emergency, you should also consider:

  • Familiarising yourself with where to access information during an emergency event
  • Purchase or locating emergency equipment / property protection measures (sandbags, generator)
  • Notifying staff of their roles and responsibilities during an emergency event and arranging regular training and drills
  • Backing-up data and storing off-site
  • Moving or securing plant and equipment
  • Relocating computers and other valuable assets off floors
  • Rectifying plumbing and sewerage risks
  • Relocating hazardous substances and dangerous goods

Psychological Effects

Disasters have far-reaching effects on people and communities, and these effects can last from months to years during the periods of recovery and rebuilding. While individuals cope differently during an emergency, there are generally helpful strategies that can be used to prepare ourselves better so that injuries can be avoided and lives may be saved during natural disasters.

The Australian Psychological Society has developed resources to assist individuals to prepare for natural disasters.

Business Victoria

Business Victoria has a range of resources aimed at assisting business owners to plan and manage business disruptions including emergency and illness.

Australian Government Business website

Managing your business in an emergency allows you to prepare for possible risks, take proper actions and recover.

Emergency management is about adapting your business to changes in its environment and being resilient enough to withstand a time of crisis.

There is plenty of advice and support to help you plan for an emergency on the Australian Government's Business website.