Goulburn Valley Hospice Care Service Inc.


A world where life limiting illness, death and grief are managed with respect and compassion.


To lead, promote and develop excellence in palliative care.


Respect: We respect each other, our patients, and their carers their right to have a choice

Trust: We trust in each other and will show trust in those we serve at all times

Teamwork: We value each other as team members, providing support to one another, working cooperatively and respecting each other’s views. We value working with other providers. In particular, we see ourselves as part of a team with  our patients and their carers

Dignity: We treat everyone as someone worthy or respect and maintain their dignity at all times

Belief: We believe in each other and the value of what we do AND we believe in the capacity of our patients and their carers.

Volunteer Purpose

We have a variety of ways people can volunteer for our service. All these volunteer positions work together to support Goulburn Valley Hospice Care Service Inc. achieve our Vision and Mission.


  • Opportunity Shop Volunteer
  • Patient Care Volunteer (family support and bereavement support programs)
  • Committee of Management
  • Friends of Hospice
  • Hospice Car Rally


Tanya Holt (Coordinator of Volunteers)
102 Balaclava Road
Shepparton Vic 3630

Phone: (03) 5822 0068
Website: http://hospice.shepparton.net.au
Email: volunteers@hospice.shepparton.net.au