Lighthouse Project - Greater Shepparton

Our shared vision

Greater Shepparton offers all young people the chance to realise their full potential and thrive.

Our shared purpose

To improve the wellbeing and educational outcomes of young people from conception to career.

Our shared goals

Our community will work together over the next twenty years to ensure that Greater Shepparton has:

  • Happy and healthy children and young people
  • Children learning early and successful in school
  • Safe and secure children and young people
  • Supported families
  • Vibrant communities

Greater Shepparton Lighthouse is a community-driven collective impact project bringing together leaders from the community, private, not-for-profit and government sectors committed to improving the outcomes of young people conception to career.

At the centre is a small not for profit organisation (company limited by guarantee) with an independent Board driving and aligning priorities and opportunities with government, funders, businesses, organisations, schools, children and their families.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have volunteers supporting local primary schools with reading in early years, breakfast programs, homework clubs, knitting and craft programs and Grade 6 leadership and career programs.

At kindergartens we are supporting children with a language development program called Conversations with Kids which focuses on building vocabulary.

In secondary school there are opportunities to be mentors, tutors, provide high quality work experience and career development.

The Youth Hub - The Haven requires volunteers who can support young people with life skills, tutoring and mentoring.

Coordination of Volunteers

Kathy Fuller
Phone: 0404 091 758