Tatura and District Historical Society


The Tatura and District Historical Society was formed in 1984. In this time, it has become internationally famous for its collection of artefacts and memorabilia from the seven internments and prisoner of war camps that were in the Tatura district. These camps held many thousands of people for the duration of WW2. This history contained in the museum is sought after by ancestors of the people held in these internment camps from all over the world.

Volunteer purpose

To bring valuable skills, knowledge and enthusiasm into the Tatura and District Historical Society, which is needed to keep the museum operating.

Volunteer roles

  • Showing visitors around
  • Cataloguing of historical items
  • Conservation
  • Archiving
  • Research
  • Grant applications
  • Building renovations
  • Exhibitions
  • Recording local history
  • Cleaning and restoration
  • Collection management

Volunteers are greatly appreciated, for a couple of hours a month.


Drop in to: 49 Hogan Street, Tatura
Phone: (03) 5824 2111
Email: taturamuseum@gmail.com
Website: taturamuseum.com