Neighbourhood Watch

About Neighbourhood Watch

Formed 35 years ago, Neighbourhood Watch Victoria is a volunteer based organisation that works in close partnership with Victoria Police and the broader community to reduce crime.

Its inception was based on extending the influence of Victoria Police through engagement with programs and activities that builds community awareness of crime prevention techniques.

Its premise is that only an engaged community working with police can significantly reduce the incidence of crime. Chief Commissioner Graham Aston firmly believes this and is Patron of NHW Victoria.

Volunteer Roles

Volunteers play an important role and importantly share in the solidarity of watching out for one another. We share in developing connected communities who are better educated about crime prevention and are motivated to be responsible for keeping themselves and each other safe.

Activities include:

  • Number plate safety to prevent plates being stolen
  • Presentations on residential and personal safety initiatives
  • Conducting letterbox drops of educational material in crime hot spots
  • Sharing crime trends and solutions at pop up events

How To Be Involved

Crime Prevention Officer
Greater Shepparton Police Station
Ph: 03 5820 5830