Shepparton Search and Rescue Squad

Shepparton Search and Rescue Squad (SSARS) is a Not for Profit, Charitable Organisation run by Volunteers for the Greater Shepparton Community. SSARS is here to provide specialised search and rescue services to the wider Shepparton community and to those who are travelling through or visiting. We aim to do this at no cost to the individual by raising money, either through donations, sponsorship or grants.

We are seeking fit and healthy individuals who are able to think quickly and decisively in high pressure situations to work with us to provide a range of services from Flood Boats, Water Safety, Traffic Hazards and Traffic Control, Storm and Building Damage to Road Crash Rescue. There is always a job that needs to be done.

We meet every Monday night at 7:30pm at 15 Dudley Street Shepparton for training and social activities. We would be pleased to hear from anyone willing to volunteer. Potential volunteers are able to come on a Monday night or can email us at: or can visit our website at: