Caroline Chisholm Society


Established in 1969, the Caroline Chisholm Society is an accredited and registered community service, providing a broad range of supports with a focus in the specialized area of working with women and their families to promote and enhance early childhood and parenting outcomes.

We work with women to keep families together and prevent the involvement of child protection services in the lives of women and their children.

In achieving this, the organization is clearly focused on supporting women with their pregnancy and early parenting to create safe and nurturing environments for infants and young children.

We work with the whole family to support secure attachment, optimize child outcomes through parenting interventions, prevent and alleviate the impacts of poverty, homelessness, family violence and issues with mental health have on parent and child wellbeing.


The Caroline Chisholm Society: has respect for life, is compassionate and caring, values social justice, believes in empowerment of women and families, recognises diversity, and operates accountably according to best practice.

Volunteer Purpose

The gift of your time is invaluable to us. The Caroline Chisholm Society materialised from the generous offering of one person’s commitment and compassion to walk alongside and support pregnant women and young families. The backbone of the society is the work of our volunteers, and the Society has thrived due to the efforts of a large cohort of dedicated volunteers.
There are a strong fundraising team of volunteers who form a Fundraising Working Group, run regular stalls, a knitting group, a craft and sewing group and volunteers who help sort and pack donations.

In Shepparton we have an incredible team of volunteers whose endless support is a treasured service in the local community.

Coordinator of Volunteers

Paula Thompson
Program Coordinator
15a St Andrews Road,
Shepparton VIC 3630
Mon to Thur 9:30am to 1:30pm
Phone: (03) 5821 0826
Mobile: 0497 008 130