Youth Strategy

Greater Shepparton City Council continues to recognise the significant role that young people play in the community. The Greater Shepparton Youth Strategy and Action Plan 2019-2023 will provide Council with a strategic framework to guide Council’s role within the youth sector into the future.


Greater Shepparton City Council value young people within its community and will work in partnership to create opportunities to develop young people who are vibrant, passionate and fully engaged.

Greater Shepparton City Council will work in partnership with the youth sector to develop collaborative approaches, responsive and coordinated services for the ultimate benefit of all young people.

The aim of this strategy is to develop a vision and a four year strategic plan that responds to the key needs of young people aged between 12-25 years of age who live, study, work and recreate in Greater Shepparton.

This evidence-based strategy identifies priority partnerships, programs, activities and actions to enhance the lives of young people living in Greater Shepparton.

It will be used to guide Greater Shepparton City Council’s activities and investment in the municipal youth sector over the next four years.


In order to develop the Youth Strategy and Action Plan, we consulted with young people and service providers / staff throughout the municipality to get their views on key challenges and opportunities. We also:

  • reviewed local, regional, state and national policies, strategies and research documents
  • undertook a demographic analysis of the municipality
  • benchmarked against Youth Services in other Local Government Areas
  • mapped youth services that are available within the municipality.

All of this information was analysed and utilised to prepare a Youth Strategy and Action Plan that is realistic and achievable and will ultimately improve the outcomes for young people living, studying, working or recreating in Greater Shepparton.

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