Camping on Council land, public places, and private land in the Greater Shepparton City Council municipality is regulated by Council.

Environmental Health Officers regulate caravan parks, while Compliance Officers investigate under Council's Local Law.

Under Council's Community Living Local Law Number 1 2018, clause 2.12:

  • A person must not, without a permit, camp on any Council land, on a public place, or on any privately owned land within the municipality except within a designated camping area.
  • A person who camps or who occupies a campsite on Council land or in a public place must at all times maintain the campsite in a clean and tidy condition.
  • A person is exempt from the requirement of a permit under the first clause above if, in relation to privately owned land:
    • camping is in connection with the seasonal employment of that person on a property on which an agricultural business is being conducted and provided the person has the permission of the owner to camp on that land; or
    • camping is for no more than 14 days within any 90 day period, with no more than 10 people at any one time, and the persons have the permission of the owner to camp on that land.

Temporary Camping Permit

To apply for a permit to temporarily camp, please complete the Temporary Camping Permit Application form and return the completed application and payment to Council at least 28 days prior to the permit being required.

The permit applicant will be required to demonstrate:

  • that there are no alternatives available instead of camping
  • that the site has all required amenities including water, toilet and shower facilities
  • that the owner of the land permits the camping
  • that the applicant has a minimum of $20 million public liability insurance for camping.

Notice to Comply

If you have received a Notice to Comply from an authorised officer, please ensure that you complete the required work by the specified date. Failure to comply may result in legal action being taken including $200 on the spot infringements. To discuss a Notice to Comply, please contact Council.