Shepparton Inner North Local Area Traffic Management Plan

Greater Shepparton City Council is preparing a traffic management plan for the inner north east area of Shepparton to understand the broader impacts the new Greater Shepparton Secondary College (GSSC) is having on the local road network.


In April 2017 the State Government announced the Shepparton Education Plan, which merged the four public high schools in the Shepparton and Mooroopna area into one school: the Greater Shepparton Secondary College (GSSC). The GSSC is located at the site at the former Shepparton High School at 31-73 Hawdon Street, Shepparton. It is expected that the site will accommodate 2,700 students and over 380 staff, with an ultimate capacity of 3,000 students.

With this increase in the number of students accommodated on the site, Council undertook a local area traffic management plan (GSSC LATM) for the surrounding residential areas to ensure that pedestrian, cycling and vehicle movements, including cars and buses, could be accommodated on the existing road network around the site.

The implementation of the GSSC LATM from November 2021 to February 2022 resulted in traffic management and parking changes around the school site, including the introduction of line marking, changes to parking, and prohibiting certain right-hand turn movements along Hawdon Street during pick-up and drop-off times.

Now that the GSSC LATM has been completed, Council will undertake a follow up review to ensure that the recommendations implemented by the GSSC LATM are functioning as intended and to understand the traffic impacts that the GSSC is having on the broader road network. Critically, the review will assess the interaction with neighbouring schools and businesses. These assessments and observations will inform a much larger study known as the Shepparton Inner North Local Area Traffic Management plan (Shepparton Inner North LATM).

The Shepparton Inner North LATM study area is bounded by the GSSC site to the east; Balaclava Road, Bourchier Street Primary and Verney Road schools to the north; GV Highway to the west; and Nixon Street to the south.

Next Steps

Council will be inviting students, parents, staff and residents who use the GSSC site to provide first-hand feedback about how traffic is operating around the school. Specifically, Council is keen to hear feedback on:

  • traffic management;
  • parking restrictions during pick-up and drop-off times;
  • all-day parking occupancy;
  • pedestrian and cycling routes; and
  • any immediate safety concerns.

This feedback received will be used to inform any further changes required to traffic management and the parking regime across the enlarged study area. This piece of work will seek to understand the traffic impacts that the GSSC is having on the broader road network, including the interaction with neighbouring schools and businesses on the local streets and arterial roads.

Feedback can be provided on Council’s Shaping Greater Shepparton webpage between 30 January and 18 March 2022.

Council is expected to conduct further community consultation about any proposed further changes to traffic management and the parking regime as part of the Shepparton Inner North LATM in mid-2022.


  • January to March 2022: Review of the GSSC LATM and consultation with the community on traffic management surrounding the GSSC
  • Mid-2022: Draft Shepparton Inner North LATM for public consultation
  • To Be Confirmed:Implementation of recommendations from the Shepparton Inner North LATM