Nuisance Cats

If you find a lost or trespassing cat or kitten, you can bring the animal to the Shepparton Animal Shelter during open hours. If you cannot catch the cat or kitten, you can hire a humane ‘cat trap’ from the Shepparton Animal Shelter to assist in catching the animal.

Conditions of Cat Trap Hire

Strict conditions need to be adhered to when hiring a ‘cat trap’ from the Council:

  • Traps are constructed in such a manner to allow for the humane capture of various animals under current legislation. They are not to be altered or modified in any manner and must only be used to catch cats.
  • Once an animal is captured it must be removed from the trap within an hour of capture where possible. If the animal cannot be released in that time frame the trap/cage must be either removed from the elements or covered.  It must be removed to a place away from all other animals.
  • Water and food must be provided at all times.
  • The cat’s welfare must be protected especially when temperatures will drop below 10°C or exceed 20°C.
  • Traps can only be returned to the Animal Shelter from Monday to Friday, between 8.30am and 4.15pm.
  • Captured cats are to only be released back to their owners or to the Animal Shelter.
  • When a cat is being transported it is recommended that a waterproof cover be placed under the trap and a cover be placed over the trap.
  • Only plain fresh cat food, fish, chicken or meat should be used as a lure inside the trap.
  • Traps are provided in a clean working state and must be returned in the same condition.
  • All conditions must be met to obtain the full deposit refund.
  • The deposit will be returned into your nominated bank account approximately 14 days after the trap is returned in working order and Council has received a completed Supplier Registration Form with your nominated bank details.
  • If the trap is damaged or misplaced, the hirer is responsible for the cost to replace or repair the cage.

Cat Trap Hire Fees

  • Deposit: $100 (Pensioners: $50)
    Fully refundable upon return of trap in good condition.
  • Ranger Fee: Trapping Program - $220 per week