Animal Shelter

The Council's Animal Shelter is located in Wanganui Road, Shepparton (adjacent to the Resource Recovery Centre facility).

In addition to housing animals, Council’s Shelter is also used for the storage of impounded goods under Council's Local Laws which includes abandoned vehicles, A-frame signs and shopping trolleys.

Lost an Animal?

The place to look is the Animal Shelter; over a thousand animals a year are admitted to the Shepparton Animal Shelter: dogs, cats, ferrets, chooks, rabbits and livestock, so if you have lost a animal check with the shelter

Council’s Shelter is open between 8.15am and 4.15pm Monday to Friday, and can be contacted on 03 5832 9794.

Missing/Lost Animals

If your pet is lost or missing, check this page to see if it is currently in our Shelter. This page also contains information on how to claim your pet.

Pets for sale

Council’s Shelter is an ideal place to visit if you are looking for a new addition to the family (dog or cat). The Shelter runs a very successful rehousing program. Animals that are not claimed go through a rehousing process which involves vet health checks, temperament tests, vaccination, microchipping, registration and de-sexing.

Pets For Sale

Dogs and cats are available for purchase from the Greater Shepparton Animal Shelter. Our pets come fully vaccinated, vet-checked, registered and microchipped. View the pets we currently have available.

Shelter Fees for 2016/2017

(as of 1 July 2016)

Animal Pound Fees

  • Cats and Dogs
    • Release fee per animal: $84.00
    • Sustenance fee: $23.00
  • Cattle
    • Release fee: $80.00 per head
    • Sustenance fee: $34.00 per head
  • Horses
    • Release fee: $200.00 per head
    • Sustenance fee: $34.00 per head
  • Sustenance Fee Only
    • Poultry, Ferret, Rabbit, Bird etc: $5.00 per day
    • Sheep, Goat, Pig etc: $10.00 per day

Euthanasia / Surrender Fee

  • Donation: $50.00 per animal

Registration – Cats & Dogs

  • Maximum: $130.00
  • Maximum Pens: $65.00
  • Reduced Fee: $40.00
  • Reduced Fee Pens: $20.00

Cat Trap Hire

  • Deposit: $100.00 (Pensioner - $50.00)
    Fully refundable upon return of trap in good condition.
  • Ranger Fee: Trapping Program - $220.00 Per Week

Impound Release Fees

  • Vehicles: $320.00
  • Vehicle Towing Fee: $137
  • Other items: trolleys, signs, bikes, scooters etc $88.00

Rehouse Fees

  • Dog
    • Dog under 6 months: $400.00
    • Dog 6 months - 7 years: $320.00
    • Dog 7+ years: $250.00
  • Cat
    • Cat under 6 months: $200.00
    • Cat 6 months - 7 years: $175.00
    • Cat 7+ years: $150.00

Reduced fee animals

Some animals are listed with a reduced fee. These animals were already microchipped and desexed prior to being impounded, and can therefore be offered for sale at a reduced rate.