Community Consultation

Community consultation and engagement serves to strengthen links between Council and its community and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Council decisions in response to community issues.

Council's Commitment

Council is committed to the development of a respectful relationship with the community that embraces public input into Council decision making.

Council engages with the community in order to:

  • Better meet the needs of the community
  • Utilise local knowledge and expertise
  • Effectively inform the community
  • Encourage and enable community participation in the decision making process.

We encourage individuals and organisations to become actively involved in the development of our region, and the activities of Council, by contributing during regular community consultation processes. You can find out what projects are open for public comment by clicking on the links below.

This Community Engagement Strategy recognises the importance of community input in developing and delivering better services. It is a guide to involving residents, industry, business, non-government organisations and other tiers of government prior to Council decision making, so that decisions will be more likely to reflect all of the concerns and interests, and provide well thought through solutions.

PDF, 1.2 MB