Public Notices

Public Notices include notifications about development consents and certificates, proposed developments, changes to Council meetings, release and/or sale of abandoned vehicles, intention to grant licence, and public exhibitions and consultations.

Call for Nominations for Appointment to the Greater Shepparton Heritage Advisory Committee

Greater Shepparton City Council is seeking nominations from individuals interested in joining the Greater Shepparton Heritage Advisory Committee.


The Heritage Advisory Committee advises Council on cultural heritage matters across Greater Shepparton.


The Committee has representatives from ten member organisations and Council. It also has a minimum of two and a maximum of six community representative positions for members of the community who are unaffiliated with the historical groups or societies nominated to the Committee. The community representative positions are voting members of the Committee and are appointed for a two year term.


The current community representative positions on the Committee become vacant on 17 July 2019. Those with an interest in heritage issues in Greater Shepparton are encouraged to apply. Committee meetings are held on a monthly basis (the first Monday of every month) or at other times as determined necessary by the Committee. These appointments will commence in August 2019 and end in July 2021.


Nomination forms can be lodged electronically or by hard copy and are available on Council’s website or in the foyer of Greater Shepparton City Council’s offices at 90 Welsford Street, Shepparton.


Nominations close at 5pm on Friday, 31 May 2019.


For more information or to register your interest in joining the Committee, please contact Grace Docker, Principal Strategic Planner, via telephone on 03 5832 9730 or via e-mail at


Council would like to advise road users that Maude Street will be closed to all traffic between Vaughan and Ashenden Streets as of Wednesday 15 May. The road closure is part of the works for the new eight bay bus interchange.

Both lanes of traffi c will be closed in order for the construction programme to be completed effi ciently and safely for the community. Parking areas will only be impacted within the current construction zone along Maude Street, between Ashenden and Vaughan Streets.

The surrounding adjacent areas will not be impacted by these works.  This project is due for completion in October 2019, Council advises commuters to be aware of changed conditions in the area during these works and requests that people observe signage and take extra care when commuting in this area.

Deakin Reserve Scoreboard Expression of Interest - Naming Rights

Greater Shepparton City Council in conjuction with the Deakin Reserve Advisory and users are pleased to invite your expression of interest for naming rights to a new larger digital scoreboard with the intention for video capture included.

Greater Shepparton City Council, the Committee and the user groups all have a vision to increase the size and quality to a larger scoreboard that is commensurate to a five star facility, and also to accommodate the calibre of major events held at the Reserve.

Two permanent signs above and below digital scoreboard with sponsor branding for the period of sponsorship agreement to be negotiated but limited to a maximum of 10 years.

Securing of naming rights arrangements will be formally launched and announced providing both PR and social media opportunities.

Expressions of Interest must detail sponsorship proposal.

Expressions of Interest close at 4.00pm, Friday 31 May 2019.

For further information contact Council’s Sporting Clubs Officer on 5832 9594.

Deakin Reserve Scoreboard - Frequently Asked Questions

What could the investment look like across a few different terms options, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years?

The main intention of the proposal is to enable Council to purchase the new scoreboard which will be retrofitted to the existing framework, but will fit the framework in its entirety. The new sized screen will be much better suited to the Deakin Reserve facility.

The sponsorship to cover the cost completely for 1 sponsor with full naming rights is estimated at this point in time as $90,000.00. Looking at this over a ten year naming rights agreement it would equate to $9,000.00 per year for major exposure.

If the sponsorship proposal came back in at less than this Council would then need to consider possibly 2 naming rights sponsors, or 3 and so on which would have joint exposure.

Could you please clarify the LED signage opportunity that is above and below the scoreboard? Is this static only or can it be animated? How often could we change the message and what costs would be involved? 
Can we have access to run TVC’s on the big screen during events at the ground and if so how many?

The signage below and above would be permanent signage – not LED digital.

The digital scoreboard will have video capability which it is understood can accommodate TVC’s. Council will need to investigate further into the frequency of changing commercials or the messages etc. however I don’t believe there will be an issue with this.

Please note that the AFL matches do come with strict sponsorship rights that the AFL enforce on Council, however these are the only events with sponsorship restrictions and are based around the major sponsors for the AFL. In the past this has been covering up of any direct opposing sponsors to the AFL major sponsors at that time. Example; Toyota being a major sponsor of the AFL would mean all other car brand signage at the reserve would be covered up. I think that for the most part it has been purely around the ground signage.

All other events sponsorship is based on Council management for Deakin Reserve.

I believe that the system used to run the scoreboard is very capable, and Council would be able to update/change the advertising within it on a regular basis.

Have you had any indication of the support of the AFL in future years to play pre-season matches at the venue and also other major sporting events?

Greater Shepparton is recognized as Australia’s regional sporting capital as we are continuously chosen to host some of the biggest sporting events.

Greater Shepparton City Council has a strong relationship with the AFL and our endeavour is to continue to host AFL preseason games. We have held 7 preseason games in 12 years which is a very good record in comparison to other regional centres.

In September 2019-2020 Greater Shepparton will host the WorkSafe AFL Victoria Country’s premier junior regional championships, the V/Line Cup. The carnival is the largest Junior Australian rules football carnival in Victoria. With 1500 players, officials and families here for 4 days. The games will be held at Deakin Reserve and across Greater Shepparton.

The Goulburn Valley Football League holds its last two weeks of the finals including the Grand Final at Deakin Reserve. The Grand final draws a crowd of 6,500. 

Planning and Environment Act 1987 GREATER SHEPPARTON PLANNING SCHEME Notice of Approval of Amendment Amendment C216gshe

The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C216she to the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme.

The Amendment came into operation on the date the notice was published in the Victoria Government Gazette, being 2 May 2019. The Amendment extends the expiry date of interim heritage controls that apply to 178 places identified in Amendment C204 to the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme until 1 May 2020.

An extension to the interim controls will provide adequate time to apply for permanent heritage controls via Amendment C205 to the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme which is currently being prepared.

A copy of the Amendment can be inspected, free of charge, at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website at and free of charge, during offi ce hours, at the offi ces of Greater Shepparton City Council, 90 Welsford Street, Shepparton Victoria 3632.


May Ordinary Council Meeting

The Ordinary Council Meeting for May will be held on Tuesday 21 May 2019 at 5.30pm. 

The meeting will be held in the Council Board Room, First Floor, 90 Welsford Street, Shepparton.

All interested members of the public are invited to attend and lift access is available. For further information, contact Tiffany Jenner on 5832 5206.

Expressions of Interest - Asia Fruit Logistica

Greater Shepparton City Council is seeking interest from a local horticulture representative or grower to accompany the Council delegation for the purpose of investigating investment and exporting opportunities for the horticulture industry in China.

The trip would include:

  • Discussions with Business Victoria and Austrade in Shanghai
  • A visit to our Friendship City in Jintan
  • Attending Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong

When: Sunday 1 September - Saturday 7 September 2019

Council will cover all airfares, accommodation and travel to and within China.

To submit an expression of interest or request more information on the proposed itinerary please contact Sarah Hardwick, Council’s Economic Development Project Officer on email sarah.hardwick@shepparton. or phone (03) 5832 9847.

Expressions of interest close at 5pm on Friday 24th May, 2019.

Shepparton Show Me - Ordinary Meeting

 The Ordinary Meeting of the Shepparton Show Me Committee will be held on MONDAY, May 20 FROM 5.30PM.

The meeting will be held at the Council Boardroom (Council Offices), 90 Welsford St, Shepparton. All interested members of the public are invited to attend. For further information, contact Mat Innes-Irons, Marketing Co-ordinator on (03) 5832 9852.

Proposed Abattoir, Gillieston

A planning permit application (Application no. 2018-218) and a works approval application (Application: 1003441) for the proposed construction of an abattoir at 630 Lancaster-Mooroopna Road and 1100 Mulcahy Road, Gillieston, Victoria 3616 are currently on public exhibition. Notice of the two applications is given jointly, under the provisions of Section 20AA of the Environment Protection Act 1970 and Section 52 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The land affected by the applications was formerly used as a dairy farm and is now used as pasture. The proposed site is bound by Mooroopna-Lancaster Road to the north. It is divided into western (630 Lancaster-Mooroopna Road) and eastern (1100 Mulcahy Road) portions by Mulcahy Road. 630 Lancaster-Mooroopna Road is bounded by paddocks to its west and south and Mulcahy Road to its east. 1100 Mulcahy Road is bounded by paddocks (part) and Lot 1 on LP149981S (part) along its southern boundary; Mulcahy Road along its western boundary.


Victoria has received the following application to issue a works approval under the Environment Protection Act 1970. A works approval permits work to be undertaken which will result in a discharge of waste to the environment or  an increase or alteration in an existing discharge.

Application number 1003441
E.I. Group Consulting Project Management Pty Ltd (ACN 601 083 881) Trading as Meatworks Australia 12 Braeside Drive, Braeside VIC 3195

A copy or a summary of this application, accompanying plans, specifications and other information can be downloaded from the Government’s Engage Victoria website at “Current works approval applications”. You can also view the hard copy of the application at Greater Shepparton City Council located  at 90 Welsford Street, Shepparton, Victoria 3632. Interested persons may make comments as detailed in the ‘Submissions and Objections’ section by  5.00 pm on 12 June 2019. Please note that any comments received will be made publicly available.


The land affected by the application is located at: 630 Lancaster-Mooroopna Road, Gillieston VIC 3616 being the land more particularly described in certificate of title Volume 06741 Folio 079 being Crown Allotment 27 Parish of Mooroopna West 1100 Mulcahy Road, Gillieston VIC 3616 being the land more particularly described in certificate of title Volume 09619 Folio 532 being Lot 2 on Lodged Plan 149981S

The application is for a permit to: Use and develop the land for an abattoir, associated buildings and works, create access to a Road Zone Category 1

The applicant for the permit is: E.I. Group Consulting Project Management Pty Ltd (ACN 601 083 881)

The application reference number is: 2018-218

You may look at the application and any documents that support the application at the office of the responsible authority
You may look at the application and any documents that support the application at the office of the responsible authority, Greater Shepparton City Council, at 90 Welsford Street, Shepparton, Victoria 3632. This can be done during office hours and is free of charge.

Any person who may be affected by the granting of the permit may object or make other submissions to the  responsible authority. Interested persons may make submissions and/or objections as detailed in the ‘Submissions and Objections’ section by 12 June 2019.

The responsible authority will not decide on the planning permit application before that date. An objection must be sent to the responsible authority in writing, preferably via the Council’s website, and it must include the reasons for the objection and state how the objector would be affected. Please note that any objections or submissions received will be made publicly available.


Interested parties wishing to comment on the works approval application and/or make submissions to or object to the planning permit application must do so by 5:00pm on 12 June 2019. You may comment on both the works approval and planning permit applications in the same submission or objection.  All comments received will be considered in relation to both applications.

Submissions or objections should be sent to Greater Shepparton City Council via the Council’s website or by mail to Locked Bag 1000, Shepparton  Vic  3632. Submissions or objections must include the name and address of the person making the submission or objection. Reasons for the objection and how the objector would be affected must also be detailed. Submitters may request in writing to be notified if the works approval is issued.


There will be a public open house information session between 3pm to 5.30pm on 29 May 2019 at the Undera Football Netball Clubrooms. During this time, residents and interested persons are invited to drop-in and view the information about the joint approvals process, the proposed abattoir application and how they can get involved in the process. Council, EPA Victoria, and the applicant will be in attendance. Preferably, please RSVP your attendance by email to: with the subject  2018-218 – RSVP Abattoir Community Consultation