Animals in Residential Areas (Fact Sheet 6)

Council’s Local Law Number 1 regulates the species and number of animals that are able to be kept in a residential area. Livestock and animals other than dogs and cats can be a nuisance to nearby neighbours by either their smell, by attracting vermin or by being excessively noisy.

At the 19 June 2018 Council Meeting, Councillors resolved to adopt a new revision of the "Community Living Local Law Number 1". The information on this page is in the process of being updated, and may no longer be correct.

Until this page is updated, you should refer to the full local law document, which has the latest information.

For any enquiries, please contact us on (03) 5832 9700. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time.

Community Rangers investigate complaints regarding animals kept in residential areas under Councils Local Law.

Local Law Number 1 states:

6.1 Animals, Birds (including Pigeons), and Poultry

  1. No person may without a permit keep any animals, birds (including pigeons), or poultry other than a domestic animal, fowl hen or songbird on any property in a residential
  2. No person shall allow to remain on any property any noisy animal, bird (including pigeons), or poultry which in the opinion of an authorised officer cause a nuisance to any person residing in the neighbourhood
  3. For the purpose of this Part, noises emanating from such animals, birds (including pigeons), or poultry shall not be deemed to cause a nuisance to any person unless objections in writing have been lodged with Council from more than one resident of immediate neighbouring properties
  4. Pigeons shall not be kept on any property unless in a pigeon loft constructed to Council's requirements.

Please note:  A domestic animal is defined as ‘a cat or a dog’.

6.4 Poultry

  1. No person shall keep on any property in a residential or commercial area a number of fowl hens greater than ten mature birds.

Notice to Comply

If you have received a Notice to Comply from a Community Ranger regarding animals at your property, please ensure that you complete the required work by the specified date. Failure to comply may result in legal action being taken, including $200 on the spot infringements and / or court action. To discuss a Notice to Comply, please contact Council.

Planning Scheme

Under Council's Planning Scheme, there are restrictions on the number of animals that can be kept in a residential area. Please contact Council for more information.

For more information please contact Council on (03) 5832 9700.