Vision, Objectives and Values

Greater Shepparton City Council has a clear vision for the future of our city, a vision which we share with our citizens and with partner organisations.


Greater Shepparton, Greater Future, a thriving economy in the foodbowl of Victoria with excellent lifestyles, innovative agriculture, a diverse community and abundant opportunities.

Strategic Goals

Active and Engaged Community

We will improve liveability through social and recreational opportunities, a range of inclusive community services and activities, and valuing our diversity.

Enhancing the Environment

We will continue to value our heritage, open spaces and natural environments, maintaining and enhacing them, and enabling greater access for people to connect with our environment.

Economic Prosperity

We will promote economic growth through working with existing businesses and industries, encouraging new business development and diversification, attracting and supporting education within our city, and strengthening the agricultural industry.

Quality Infrastructure

We will provide and maintain urban and rural infrastructure to support the development and liveability of our communities.

High Performing Organisation

(Leadership and Governance)
We will deliver council services to the community efficiently, and provide leadership and governance that is future thinking, transparent and accountable.


The behaviour of any organisation should be value driven. Our values are:

    • Respect first, always
    • Take ownership


  • Courageously lead
  • Working together
  • Continually innovate
  • Start the celebration


  • Inspired to lead
  • Protect and enhance liveability
  • Good to Great
  • Innovation unlocks opportunity
  • Actively celebrate our community

Please download the PDF below for a more detailed list of Council's values and beliefs.