Road Management Plan

The current Road Management Plan (Version 6a) was adopted by Council on 18 October 2023.

This Road Management Plan (the Plan) is a document which describes road assets within road reserves for which Council is responsible. The purposes of this Plan are:

  • To provide for the inspection, maintenance and repair of public roads under the care and management of the Council as the Road Authority;
  • To establish a management system for the road management functions of the Council which is based on policy and operational objectives and available resources; and
  • To set the relevant standards in relation to the discharge of duties in the performance of those road management functions.

The document sets inspection intervals and response times as well as stating management systems which this Council will implement to ensure that its responsibilities within the Road Management Act 2004 are met.

For Council to show that it has satisfied its duty of care to road users, it is required to demonstrate that it has in place a reasonable regime for inspecting the road network to discover defects and a reasonable regime for planning and implementing repairs to overcome those defects. These aspects of inspection and response are the key components of this Plan.

Implementation and management of the Plan is consistent with Council’s various strategic and corporate documents and policies.

A copy of Version 6a of the plan can be viewed from the link below or a hard-copy may be collected from the Council Office, located at 90 Welsford Street, Shepparton during office hours.

Version 6a - October 2023

PDF, 1.2 MB