Asset Plan

The Greater Shepparton City Council Asset Plan 2022-2032 is a general overview document that summarises the key elements of the individual Asset Management Plans that we have developed for each of our major asset classes.

The purpose of this Asset Plan is to:

  • Show how we will responsibly manage our assets to meet the service delivery needs of our community into the future in a cost-effective way.
  • Summarise the operating and capital expenditure requirements for our assets.
  • Ensure that there is integration between our asset management planning outcomes with our strategic objectives, Financial Plan, and Budget.
  • Maximise alignment with Council, Regional and Government Strategies, Policies and Plans that effect the management of our assets.
  • Make sure that we comply with our legislative obligations.

Scope of the Asset Plan

While we manage an extensive portfolio of assets, this Asset Plan covers Council’s tangible, fixed, infrastructure assets made up of the following asset groups:

  • Transport – Includes Roads Sealed and Unsealed, Kerb, Pathways, Bridges & Major Culverts, Traffic Management Devices, Carparks, Road Ancillary Assets and Road line-markings.
  • Open Space - Includes Playing Courts and Fields, Play Ground Sites, Trees, Open Space Structures and Open Space Area.
  • Building – Includes all Council Buildings and Shade sails
  • Stormwater – Includes Stormwater Drains and Pits, Pumps, Penstocks, GPT’s and litter traps and Drainage Basins.

Download the Asset Plan