Native vegetation regulations

The Native Vegetation Removal Regulations (2017) are the rules governing the removal of native vegetation in Victoria. These regulations are generally implemented through all Victorian planning schemes.

The overarching legislation is the Planning and Environment Act 1987, which is administered by local government and the Minister for Planning.

Responsible authorities are required to ensure compliance with the relevant planning scheme, including that a permit is obtained when one is required, and that permit conditions are complied with.

Compliance activities are actions and programs designed to ensure the law is followed. Enforcement activities are actions undertaken when the law is not followed and help to ensure a return to compliance with the law. Compliance and enforcement activities usually include three core areas:

  • Encouraging compliance: education, providing information and support.
  • Monitoring compliance: regular, random and/or targeted inspections, intelligence gathering.
  • Responding to non-compliance: investigating suspected breaches of the law and may result in enforcement action (e.g. issue official warning, notice to comply or infringement notice).

What should I do if I suspect illegal native vegetation removal?

Contact your council’s customer service team and they will direct the report to the relevant person. Ideally, you would record details such as the location (property address of the land and if possible, a map indicating sites location), photographs (optional) and any specific details about the removal. All reports are confidential, and no personal details are shared as governed by the Privacy and Data Protection Act (2014).

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This flyer from the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (GBCMA) contains the information on this page in a handy printable fact sheet.

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