Guidelines and Checklists

A number of documents are available to assist and provide guidance when making planning permit applications.

Residents wishing to undertake any work that impacts on Council infrastructure, Council streets or roads or Council controlled land will be required to obtain permission from Council prior to commencing works. See our Working Within Road Reserves page for more info.

  • There are a number of policies, provisions and exemptions controlling advertising signage within the municipality, a number of signs requiring a planning permit.

    PDF, 93 KB

  • This information sheet has been prepared to provide advice about amending an application, permit and/or endorsed plans.

    PDF, 94 KB

  • The term ‘Change of Use’ refers to a change in the type of use or the activity being undertaken on a parcel of land or in a building.

    PDF, 66 KB

  • A 'dependent persons unit' or 'granny flat' is defined as a movable building on the same lot as an existing dwelling and used to provide accommodation for a person dependent on a resident of the existing dwelling.

    PDF, 63 KB

  • An existing use right can be established for a lawful continuous use on a property or a certain section of land. Seeking to have an existing use right can be complicated, confusing and sometimes very difficult to prove. An existing use right can not be established without the required evidence being provided.

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  • If you need more time to complete your proposal, you can apply for an extension to your planning permit.

    PDF, 65 KB

  • This checklist is intended to assist residents who are seeking to carry out a home occupation from their place of residents.

    PDF, 73 KB

  • This checklist is to assist applicants with submitting an application for an Industrial Development.

    PDF, 59 KB

  • To assist in the preparation of a landscape plan to a suitable standard, this checklist has been prepared. As all developments and sites differ, not all requirements will apply in every circumstance and alternatively others may apply in addition to those listed.

    PDF, 54 KB

  • The Greater Shepparton City Council is committed to providing a balance between the responsible use and sale of liquor, and enhancing the amenity and lifestyle of the City of Greater Shepparton.

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  • Includes advice on the things to look for in the planning scheme that may affect your application; the operation of the residential development provisions; and information that needs to be provided with the application under the residential development provisions.

    PDF, 66 KB

  • This information sheet and checklist is intended to assist permit applicants with the preparation of planning applications for medium density housing developments.

    PDF, 91 KB

  • This practice note provides guidance for applicants, the community and responsible authorities about understanding what is meant by neighbourhood character; and preparing or assessing a proposed residential development so that it meets the neighbourhood character requirements of the residential development provisions in planning schemes.

    PDF, 59 KB

  • This document explains the planning controls applied to drainage works in Greater Shepparton, Campaspe and Moira Shires.

    PDF, 2.3 MB

  • The Council has statutory responsibilities to meet when processing planning applications. It is important that adequate information is provided so that a full assessment of an application can be made.

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  • Like many legal processes, if you are unhappy with the Councils decision you can appeal this decision with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). This information sheet is designed to assist permit applicants and/or objectors who are considering lodging an application for review of the Council's decision at VCAT.

    PDF, 89 KB

  • ResCode's key focus is to respect neighbourhood character, protect amenity and promote more sustainable development.

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  • The way people use and develop their properties can have effect on surrounding residents and the wider community. This is why the planning permit process is in place and why people have the right to comment on a planning permit application before a decision is made.

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  • Land in the Farming Zone (FZ) is primarily for farming, and a planning permit is usually required for a dwelling, whilst land in the Rural Living Zone (RLZ) is for those people wishing to live in a rural environment, without necessarily farming the land.

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  • The primary purpose of the Farming Zone is to provide for the sustainable use of land for agriculture and protection of environmental values. Most proposals for subdivision of rural land will require a planning permit.

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  • A Section 173 Agreement is a legal agreement made between the Council and the landowner under Section 173 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. In some cases a third party, such as a referral authority may also be involved in an agreement.

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  • A new use or the extension of floor area may require addition of car parking spaces than those that already exist on site. If additional car spaces can not be achieved on site, a planning permit will be required for the waiver or reduction of car parking.

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