The 2021 Cultural Heritage Award Winners

The winners from the 2021 Awards are listed below.

Reuse of a Heritage Place

Roman Catholic Trust Corporation for the Diocese of Sandhurst for the reuse of the Sacred Heart Convent in Tatura

A number of significant works to the Sacred Heart Convent, which was previously unused, has allowed it to be used as an office space. The works undertaken include but are not limited to, renovating the original kitchen area to reflect the character of the building, sanding and polishing of the original floors and the considered introduction of domestic services. This is a highly sophisticated adaptive re-use where all of the significant elements have been carefully considered with works undertaken by skilled craftsman. The result of the works is a place where the former residents – the Sisters of Mercy, would still recognise the convent as their home but with a new use.

Restoration of a Heritage Place

Parks Victoria for various restoration works undertaken to the Days Flour Mill Complex in Murchison

Days Flour Mill Complex is an important example of a mid 19th century steam powered Flour Mill Complex and a nationally significant site. Over several years, Parks Victoria have undertaken a suite of conservation works including works to the pulley house, gatehouse, engineers’ room, various repairs to the homestead and the three-storey Mill Complex. Without these works being done and other regular conservation works this valuable place would soon fall into decay and be lost.

Maintenance of a Heritage Place

Rachel and Wayne Backway for the maintenance of Ravenscraig in Murchison

‘Ravenscraig’ is an important Victorian era house, constructed in 1872, in the centre of Murchison. Ravenscraig has been particularly well maintained by the previous owners who have spent considerable effort maintaining the house both inside and outside. They have preserved much of the significant fabric and a number of the early features such as the particularly fine woodgraining that is found in much of the internal joinery.

Best Research Publication or Manuscript

Lurline and Arthur Knee for their publication ‘The Nazi Camp’

This wonderful and thoroughly researched publication tells the story of a WWII Internment Camp in Tatura. The publication provides important foundational material on internment from oral history sources and is an invaluable contribution to an important area of Australian history.


Other Publication

Jeanette Thompson for her publication ‘Letters to Bruce’

This publication consisted of copies of letters (with some editing) sent to a local soldier by his family. It is a very useful addition to the history of life on the home front during WW2. The letters reveal the day to day activities of an ordinary farming family, and how that family and the close-knit local community dealt with war, and with the reduced availability of workers, food and materials.


Interpretive Signage

There were two winners in this category:

Mooroopna Rotary Club and the Mooroopna Historical Society for the Mooroopna Cenotaph – Interpretive signage

The interpretive heritage signage at the Mooroopna Cenotaph at McLennan Street, Mooroopna describes, in a way that is universal, what the wars and battles were that are commemorated at this memorial. They have been designed to suit all ages and interest groups.

Tatura Historical Society for the Tatura Museum Murals

The recently installed set of six alcove murals and one major mural are successful and engaging. It is dense in terms of text and imagery. The quality of the graphics reflect the character of the information these signs. They are an important adjunct to the museum and provide a strong visual presence at this end of Tatura.


Community, Multicultural and Indigenous Events and Tourism

There were two winners in this category:

Murchison and District Historical Society for the ‘Rock on Murchison’ Festival

The event celebrated the arrival of the Murchison meteorite and the impact it has had on the local community. The event was entertaining and educative and extremely well liked. This event will continue in the memory of those who attended it as being one of the most successful events held in Murchison and the Greater Shepparton region.

Shepparton Albanian Society for the ‘Shepparton Albanian Harvest Festival’

An annual event which showcases the Albanian culture unlike any other event in Australia. Apart from providing entertainment in the form of food and music, it provides an insight into the Albanian culture.

Other Contribution

Murchison and District Historical Society for Murchison and District Historical Society Website

A invaluable and comprehensive website containing news of recent local happenings, promotion of coming events, historical items, education about local history and a platform to answer enquiries.