The 2023 Cultural Heritage Award Winners

The winners from the 2023 Awards are listed below.

Category 2: Restoration of a Heritage Place

Restoration of the property at 112 Maude Street Shepparton, ‘Lorraine’, Robin and Roslyn Knaggs

The owners of Lorraine have restored this building with great attention to detail. Particular care was taken to ensure that all of the significant features have been brought back to their original condition. The owners have restored missing features and undertaken research so that the restoration works are accurate. This same attitude guided the restoration of the interior and the gracious original design is clearly identifiable. A landscaped garden has been planted and its design enhances the aesthetic significance of this landmark building.

Category 3: Maintenance of a Heritage Place

Colaura Gardens Signage, Toolamba Community Steering Committee

Interpretive signage is important as it helps the community to engage with their heritage places. The Toolamba Community Steering Committee saw that the original interpretive signage was in poor condition and needed maintenance. The maintenance works that have been completed has meant that visitors and the community can continue to experience this highly informative signage that demonstrates the very rich history of Toolamba.

Category 4: Best Research Publication or Manuscript

Worship at Toolamba 1874 – 2016, by Brian Williams

The book, Worship at Toolamba 1874 – 2016, written by Brian Williams has been meticulously researched and referenced.

It is packed with detailed information and is written in a very readable style.

The images that accompany the text complement the history and support Brian Williams’ insightful history of places of worship in Toolamba.

The book provides a tableau of community life from 1874 and up to 2016, and is a credit to the author.



Category 5: Other Publication

Local History with John Gribben Podcast, One FM Shepparton

John Gribben is a local historian with a broad knowledge of history and of local historical places.

He is also well acquainted with a number of the more unusual histories associated with Shepparton and district, and he explores these themes in his podcast in the most entertaining manner.

His podcasts are informative, well-constructed and very entertaining.

John Gribben through his podcasts has done much to promote the heritage of the area and most importantly, through this medium, he is reaching a broad audience.

Category 6: Student/Youth

Katandra West Primary School - Daffodil planting at Katandra West War Memorial

The school children at Katandra West Primary School have planted daffodils at the base of an avenue of roses named Peace and these roses line the path that leads to the War Memorial. Through the choice of these spring bulbs with their innate symbolism of rebirth and life, the school children have provided a poignant commentary on the sacrifices so many made in order to give us the life that we all so freely enjoy today.

Category 8: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage

Waranga Dreaming - Stories of the Ngurai-illum Wurrung People and their Country, by Tony Ford

Tony Ford through consultation with Uncle Vincent Peters has provided for us all a remarkable history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the Waranga district. This is a dense history that provides many historical stories of the Ngurai-illum Wurrung People and their Country. Of note is the attention to the life and history of King Tattambo & Queen Mary, his second wife, who are buried at the Murchison Cemetery.

Category 9: Community and Multicultural Events and Tourism

Merrigum and District Historical and Educational Society - Heritage Day 2019

The Merrigum and District and Educational Historical Society provided an entertaining Heritage Day in 2019 when they demonstrated how the historic implements and machinery held in their collection are used.

The active interpretation of the museum’s collection is a rare occurrence in the region.

What is also extraordinary is the breadth of activities and the quality of the demonstration.

This is a rare exhibition and one for which the Historical Society should be congratulated on as they are providing an insight into a life that bears little resemblance to any of the processes as conducted today.

Category 10: Other Contribution

Shepparton RSL Sub Branch, Memorabilia Team

Shepparton RSL Sub Branch, Memorabilia Team have for many years been the custodians of many culturally valuable items that are associated with the defense of the nation. They have approached this task with integrity and with a high attention to detail.

The team has worked hard and consulted with recognised institutions to ensure that the conservation of their memorabilia is of a standard to ensure that the items will be available for future generations. Their interpretation is informative and the collection demonstrates an extraordinary diversity of artefacts. The team are knowledgeable and are keen to provide visitors to the RSL with a clear description of the significance of the collection.