Sports Hall of Fame Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference

1. Purpose

The Sports Hall of Fame Advisory Committee will investigate the concept of a Sports Hall of Fame for the Greater Shepparton region and advise Council of their findings.

The objective of the Greater Shepparton Sports Hall of Fame is to preserve, celebrate and showcase the history and heritage of sports excellence and achievement of Greater Shepparton residents.

2. Role of the Sports Hall of Fame Advisory Committee

  • Investigate the concept of a Greater Shepparton Sports Hall of Fame including but not limited to:
    • Benchmarking against existing Sports Hall of Fame/Museums.
    • Identification of Sports Hall of Fame inductees by developing a criteria and nomination process.
    • Outline of a Sports Hall of Fame Inaugural Ceremony and key events thereafter.
    • Identifying partners and sponsorship.
    • Identify and recommend appropriate sources of funding.
    • Confirmation of key stakeholders including major, minor and event sponsors.
    • Guidelines for memorabilia (including receiving and storing) received from inductees and/or their families.
    • Undertake high level community consultation.
  • Development of a Greater Shepparton Sports Hall of Fame Business Plan and budget that is reflective of the Greater Shepparton City Council Plan 2013 – 2017.
  • Development of a Greater Shepparton Sports Hall of Fame Marketing Strategy.
  • Advise Greater Shepparton City Council of their findings.
  • Promote and advocate on behalf of the broader community for a Greater Shepparton Sports Hall of Fame.

3. Sports Hall of Fame Advisory Committee Membership

The membership of the Sports Hall of Fame Advisory Committee will consist of:

Organisation Membership
Greater Shepparton City Council Up to 2 Councillors
1 Senior Staff member
ValleySport 1 Representative
Potential major sponsor and/or local media including Shepparton News, Win News 2 Representatives
An independent representative advocating the profile of non-mainstream sports and sports people. 1 Representative
Community – other Up to 6 Representatives

Members will be appointed for a period of two years, but may be removed by the Council at any time. At the conclusion of each term, members will be eligible for re-election or re-nomination.

If a member does not attend a scheduled meeting for more than three consecutive meetings, membership may be reviewed by the committee and may prompt a vacancy on the committee.

Members of the Advisory Committee may nominate a proxy from the appropriate member organisation to attend a meeting if the member is unable to attend.

4. Committee Meeting Procedure

4.1 Meeting Coordination

The Sports Hall of Fame Advisory Committee meetings will be coordinated by a Greater Shepparton City Council Officer.

  • A schedule of meetings must be established at the beginning of each year and circulated to all committee members. The advisory committee may also decide to call additional meetings as required.
  • Agenda items and associated papers will be circulated during the week prior to the next scheduled meeting.
  • Minutes will be recorded and meeting papers circulated within two weeks of the last meeting.

4.2 Convenor/Chair

The Chair is the appointed Greater Shepparton City Council Councillor. In the case of the Chair’s absence or inability to attend or perform their duties an approved proxy may be appointed. The proxy will be responsible for informing the Chair as to the salient points/decisions raised or agreed to at any meetings where the Chair was not in attendance.

4.3 Quorum Requirements

There must be a majority of members (half plus one) in attendance for the meeting to take place.

5. Committee Conduct Principles

Committee members are expected to:

  1. Actively participate in Committee discussions and offer their opinions and views,
  2. Treat all persons with respect and have due regard to the opinions, rights and responsibilities of others,
  3. Act with integrity,
  4. Attend each meeting where practical
  5. Avoid conflicts of interest
  6. Refrain from releasing confidential information.

6. Assemblies of Councillors

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1989 the definition of an Assembly of Councillors includes any meeting of an advisory committee of the Council, if at least one Councillor is present. Any Councillors in attendance at meetings of the committee are required to declare any conflicts of interest. Following the meeting a Record of Assembly of Councillors must be completed stating:

  • the names of all Councillors and members of Council staff in attendance
  • the matters considered
  • any conflicts of interest disclosures made by a Councillor attending, and
  • whether the Councillor who has disclosed the conflict of interest leaves the assembly.

The Record of Assembly of Councillors must be submitted to Council in accordance with the Assembly of Councillors CEO Directive 37.CEOD2 (Trim Ref: M13/51766) within 7 days of the date of the committee meeting so that it can be included in the next available Ordinary Council Meeting agenda.

7. Review

The terms of reference for the Sports Hall of Fame Advisory Committee will be reviewed on a biennial basis prior to recruitment of community members.