Immunisation records & History Statements

An immunisation history statement can be obtained from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) or Medicare. Only those vaccines received in Australia or overseas records updated to AIR will be recorded.

If the vaccination schedule has been completed in Australia, or overseas records have been updated to the AIR by an immunisation provider, an Immunisation History Statement will either be sent from the register or can be obtained from Medicare offices.

Council may be able to provide records of immunisations provided by Council.  To apply for Council immunisation records please complete and return the form below.  

Immunisation and enrolling in childcare and kindergarten

In an effort to improve childhood immunisation rates, the Victorian Government introduced the ‘No Jab, No Play’ legislation on 1 January 2016. Under this legislation, early childhood services have to first obtain evidence that the child is up to date with all vaccinations due for their age, before enrolling a child into their service.

On 21 February, 2018, the ’No Jab, No Play’ legislation was amended so that an Immunisation History Statement from Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) is now the only form of documentation accepted for the purposes of enrolling a child in an early childhood educate and care service.

Previous forms of documentation, for example a letter from a GP or local council, are no longer accepted.

Are you new to Australia? Had vaccines overseas? Need a catch-up plan?

If you have recently moved to Australia or your child has had vaccines overseas, we can reconcile your child’s immunisation history to ensure they are up to date and comply with the Australian National Immunisation Program.

Council can prepare a catch-up plan for vaccines given overseas and/or update the register with vaccines not appearing on the child’s history. 

Contact Council’s Immunisation Team on (03) 5832 9744 to arrange to bring all the vaccinations records and your child’s details to our office.  

Unfortunately we cannot prepare a catch-up plan at the immunisation sessions. 

Any Immunisation previously given by Council will be sent to the Australian Immunisation Register.

Your child may require additional vaccinations which can be administered by Council or a General Practitioner. You will need to book to receive vaccinations. All vaccines administered by Council will be recorded to AIR.

Immunisation History Statement

Have you had all vaccines in Australia?

The Immunisation History Statement provides information of all immunisations recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and/or any that are missing.

Statements are available for free from Medicare offices, on the Medicare website.

You can get a copy of you or your child’s immunisation history statement by:

  • Accessing your MyGov account online
  • Requesting a statement be sent in the mail from the Australian Immunisation Register
  • Call the register on 1800 653 809
  • Visiting your local Medicare office.

In some circumstances you may need to contact the provider who gave the immunisation to get access to the records, as only recent records will be on the AIR.