Voter Information

Local councils govern, provide services and advocate. Most importantly, they create opportunities for citizens to participate in the democratic process and influence the decisions that shape our society and local communities.

The next General Election is taking place on Saturday 26 October 2024.

About Council Elections

At the time of the 2024 General Election, Greater Shepparton City Council will change to a Single Member-Councillor Ward Structure – nine wards with one Councillor per ward (9 Councillors in total). Preferential voting will still apply to the upcoming election for Greater Shepparton.

The 2024 General Election will be conducted via postal vote. Ballot packs will be mailed to every person enrolled on the Greater Shepparton City Council Voters Roll, between Monday 7 and Thursday 10 October 2024.

Voters must have posted or hand-delivered their completed ballot material by 6pm on Friday 25 October 2024 for their vote to count. Voters are advised to check local mail collection times in their area to ensure that their ballot is lodged on time.

It is important to note that as the election is being held entirely by postal voting, there will be no voting on Election Day (Saturday 26 October 2024).

Voters' Roll

To be eligible to vote in the elections you must be on the Greater Shepparton City Council voters' roll by 4pm Wednesday 7 August 2024.

There are two main categories of voters who can participate in this election: State-enrolled voters and Council-enrolled voters. 

You can check your enrolment status by calling Council's Rates and Revenue Team on 5832 9700.

Remember it is compulsory for State enrolled voters to vote in the Council elections. If you are a State enrolled voter and don't vote, you risk a fine.

Enrolling to vote

State-enrolled voters

You are already enrolled to vote in these elections if:

  • you will be over 18 years of age on Saturday 26 October 2024; and
  • you live in Greater Shepparton; and
  • you are on the State Electoral Roll for your current address.

Council-enrolled voters

The Local Government Act 1989 required councils to automatically enrol ‘non resident ratepayers’ who owned a property within Council but did not live within that Council. The Local Government Act 2020 now requires ‘non resident ratepayers or owners’ to apply to enrol.

It is not compulsory to enrol to vote, however once enrolled it is compulsory to vote.

Below is a summary of ratepayers/owners who must complete the relevant application should they wish to vote. Please note that occupier ratepayers and corporations must re-apply every general council election.

Owner ratepayers

Up to 2 people per property can apply to vote if:

  1. you pay council rates on your home but you are not an Australian citizen; or
  2. you own a property in a municipality that you don't live in full time e.g. holiday home, investment property or business property

Once off application process

Occupier ratepayers

Up to 2 people per property can apply to vote if you rent a property and pay rates to council, and you are not on the state roll in that municipality e.g. you operate a business out of a commercial property. 

Must reapply at every general council election


Corporations that pay rates may be able to appoint one representative to vote. Call Council for further information. 

Must reapply at every general council election

Failure to vote

The Victorian Electoral Commission mail out failure to vote notices to those residents who are required to vote in Council elections and are not recorded as having voted at those elections.

Learn more about failure to vote notices

Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC)

The VEC website will feature comprehensive information about local government elections generally, as well as specific information about each local council’s election.

Content will be updated at each phase of the election cycle including information about enrolment, nominating for election, early and postal voting, redirection of ballot packs (postal), replacement of ballot packs (postal), details of how and when to vote, the close of voting and election results.

VEC Election Office

The VEC election office will be located at the Shepparton Senior Citizens Centre, 132 Welsford Street, Shepparton.

The election office will open to the public on Monday 9 September 2024 and close on Friday 25 October 2024. Opening hours will be Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

The office will be open late on two nights, being 9am to 8pm on Thursday 24 October and Friday 25 October 2024.

Council has prepared the following fact sheets and frequently asked questions which can be accessed below:

These frequently asked questions cover everything you need to know about how to vote in the upcoming elections.

PDF, 51 KB

Additional information can also be obtained from the following sources: