Council Elections

Local Government elections are held every four years. Local government is the government closest to the people. It creates the foundations for democracy and accountability. Local councils govern, provide services and advocate. Most importantly, they create opportunities for citizens to influence and participate in the democratic process and the decisions that shape our society and local communities.

Failure to vote

The Victorian Electoral Commission mail out failure to vote notices to those residents who are required to vote in Council elections and are not recorded as having voted at those elections.

What is an apparent failure to vote notice?

The apparent failure to vote notice is issued by the Victorian Electoral Commission, on behalf of the Council, under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1989. The notice invites persons who were required to vote at the elections and who appear not to have voted to provide an explanation for why they failed to vote. They may also contest that they did, in fact, vote at the elections if they believe that are incorrectly recorded as not having voted.

The apparent failure to vote notice is not an infringement notice and does not attract a fine.

How do I provide my excuse for not voting?

A detailed explanation of why a person failed to vote at an election must be added to the form on the back of the apparent failure to vote notice. The entire, completed form must then be returned within 28 days of the date of the notice by:

  • Mail: A reply paid envelope was provided with the notice
  • Fax: Faxing both sides of the completed notice to (03) 9620 3489
  • In person: Deliver to the Victorian Electoral Commission, Level 11, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne

If the explanation is considered sufficient, no further action will be taken. If the reason is not considered sufficient or no response is received, an infringement notice may be issued to the person.

It is an offence to provide a false excuse for failing to vote at an election.

How to contact the VEC?

The VEC's compulsory voting enquiry line is available on 1300 551 575.

Donation Return Summaries

2016 Council Election

Candidate Name Gifts Received Received From Total Gift Price
Seema Abdullah Radio Advertisement, Posters, Flyers, Newspaper Advertisement Muhammad Abdullah Pty Ltd $2,581.70
Chris Hazelman No Gift Received    
Dennis Patterson No Gift Received    
Sammy Patane Cheque Ken Gash $1,000.00
Benjamin Ladson No Gift Received    
Darren Linton No Gift Received    
Nejat Mackali No Gift Received    
Troy Van Der Akker No Gift Received    
Diane Teasdale No Gift Received    
Shelley Sutton Flyers and Signs Lorraine Smith $3,000.00
  Television Production and Signage Greater Shepparton Better Local Government Association $2,629.00
Fern Summer No Gift Received    
Frances Smullen No Gift Received    
Dinny Adem No Gift Received    
Imran Syed No Gift Received    
Bruce Little No Gift Received    
Jason Kelly No Gift Received    
Dallas Moore Advertising Greater Shepparton Better Local Government Association $2,650.00
 Rod Schubert Signage and TV Production Greater Shepparton Better Local Government Association $2,629.00
  Flyers and Signs Lorraine Smith $750.00
Brett Hancock No Gift Received    
Jenny Houlihan No Gift Received    
Bruce  Giovanetti  TV Advertisement and Signs Greater Shepparton Better Local Government Association $2629.00
  Cheque Cam Mangiameli $2,000.00
  Cash Gary Phillips $1,000.00
  Cash Craig Blizzard $1,000.00
Les Oroszvary Advertising Greater Shepparton Better Local Government Association $1445.00
  Cheque Jim Mehmet $1,000.00
Anthony Brophy Flyers Lorraine McLeod $179.00
 Kim O'Keeffee No Gift Received    

Steve Neff, Shoukat Rafiee, Mark Lawlor, Rashidi Sumaili and Tom Day did not submit Election Campaign Donation returns.