How do I request a Court Hearing?

When can I choose to go to court?

You can have your matter heard in the Magistrates' Court (or the Children's Court if you’re under 18 years of age) unless the infringement has been registered with the Director, Fines Victoria.

How do I apply for a Court Hearing?

To apply for a Court hearing, please complete the Infringement Request a Court Hearing Application Form (available below) and return to Council. Please ensure to complete all required fields or your application will be invalid.

Do I need to supply my current name and address?

Yes. It's important you provide your most current address and contact details so we can contact you about your application if required.

Please attach a completed application form and supporting evidence and mail it to:
Greater Shepparton City Council
Locked Bag 1000
Please complete an application form, attach supporting evidence and present between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday at the Council offices, 90 Welsford St., Shepparton.

What happens after I apply?

If your application to go to court is accepted:

  • the matter will be submitted to Council's lawyers who will prepare the brief of evidence to present to the Magistrates' Court;
  • the matter will be listed at the Magistrates' Court;
  • you will receive a Charge and Summons either in person or via mail to appear in the Magistrates' Court (the Charge and Summons will contain your court date, time and location);  
  • you may need to appear at a court hearing at a specified date and time.

If you don’t go to your hearing, the court can decide the matter in your absence.

Possible outcomes of a court hearing

The magistrate will hear your case and decide on the outcome. The magistrate may:

  • record a conviction if they find you guilty;
  • issue you with a new infringement (the penalty may be either more or less to the amount on your Infringement Notice);
  • dismiss or discharge your case;
  • adjourn (delay) the matter; or
  • issue you with a penalty such as unpaid community work.