Abandoned or Unregistered Vehicles

Greater Shepparton City Council will investigate and may remove any vehicle believed to be abandoned or unregistered on a Council road or Council land.

Under the Local Government Act 1989, Schedule 11, Council's Community Rangers are able to investigate and impound unregistered or abandoned vehicles on Council land and roads.

Council's Community Rangers may move or impound any unregistered vehicle or vehicle considered by it to be abandoned (and anything in, on or attached to, the vehicle). In accordance with state legislation, a vehicle is considered abandoned if the vehicle has not been moved for 2 months.

Council's Community Rangers may also move or impound any vehicle that is causing an unlawful obstruction, or that is unlawfully parked or left standing in an area designated by the Minister.

Report an abandoned or unregistered vehicle

If you wish to report a potentially abandoned or unregistered vehicle or vehicle causing an unlawful obstruction, please ensure that you provide accurate details of the vehicle make, model, colour, registration number and location.

If the vehicle is on a Council road or Council land, please contact Council. A Community Ranger will attend and investigate the situation.

If the vehicle is on a VicRoads road, please contact VicRoads via telephone on 13 11 71.

Vehicles impounded by Council

Any unregistered vehicle or vehicle deemed to be abandoned or causing an obstruction on Council land or a Council road may be impounded by Council.

The owner of an impounded vehicle has 14 days to contact Council to arrange for the release of the vehicle including the payment of all required fees. An unregistered vehicle is unable to be released unless the owner arranges towing or a VicRoads permit. Council is able to sell, destroy or give away the vehicle (and anything in, on or attached to, the vehicle) if the owner of the vehicle has not paid the fee within 14 days of the Council impounding the vehicle.

Before exercising the power to sell, destroy or give away the vehicle, Council takes reasonable steps to notify the owner of the vehicle that the vehicle has been impounded and may be sold, destroyed or given away unless the specified fee is paid within 14 days.

Council and anyone who obtains the vehicle from the Council (due to Council selling, destroying or giving away a vehicle), is not liable to the owner of the vehicle or any other person in respect of any action taken. 

If your vehicle has been impounded by Council

If you believe your vehicle has been impounded by Council, within 14 days from the date the vehicle was towed, you should:

  • contact Council immediately to find out if your vehicle has been impounded
  • provide sufficient written evidence that you are the owner of the impounded vehicle
  • pay the required release fees and towing costs
  • arrange for adequate transport of the vehicle upon release. Please note that impounded vehicles are not permitted to be driven away from the impound yard if they are unregistered. The vehicle must be removed within 14 days of impoundment.

Impounded vehicle release fees

  • Vehicle release fee: $441.30
  • Vehicle towing fee: $188.55