Cultural Development and Diversity

The Community Strengthening unit aims to foster cultural celebration and engagement of our diverse community. The Greater Shepparton region is renowned for our cultural diversity and the welcome we extend to new arrivals.

The 2011 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census shows that the population of Greater Shepparton is 60,442 with just over 13%, 7,929 individuals, of the population identifying as being born in a country other than Australia, 9.9% of these in countries where English is not a first language. Since the 2006 census the number of people born overseas has increased by 1,756 or 28.4% and the number of people from a non-English speaking background has increase by 1,620 or 37.1%

Greater Shepparton is an attractive place to a wide range of migrants for a variety of reasons. These include our history of migration and reputation of welcoming new arrivals, social factors such as family or community members already living in the region, the lifestyle of a country town with the economic and employment opportunities of a city and the agricultural industry.

Greater Shepparton City Council is committed to continuing to promote the diversity of our region and strengthening the sustainability and culture of communities which reside in the area.

For enquiries please contact the Cultural Development Officer on 03 5832 9527.