Volunteer Recognition Awards

The Greater Shepparton Volunteer Recognition Awards provide much-needed recognition to hard-working locals whose efforts are not always sufficiently appreciated by wider society.

By establishing these awards, we recognise the efforts of a number of great people who are an important part of our wonderful community.

There are six categories for the awards; volunteer team, male volunteer, female volunteer, youth volunteer (for people aged between 12 and 25), rural volunteer (for towns with under 5,000 residents) and long serving volunteer.

Nominations for the 2019 Volunteer Recognition Awards have now closed

An interactive nomination form PDF and the award guidelines can be download from the links below

The closing date for nominations is 12 April 2019.

The Awards Ceremony will be held on during National Volunteer Week in May.

Submitting your nomination

  • Nominations must be submitted through the form provided for download at the bottom of this page. Council staff are available to assist you with this if you are having trouble downloading the form.
  • You are encouraged to:
    • Use the word count ranges provided in the form as a guide so that you know how much information and detail we would like you to provide. This information will also be used in the Nominee Profile booklet.
    • Check the spelling of names supplied noting this may be printed on a certificate and Awards Nominee Profile booklet.
  • You will receive confirmation once your nomination has been successfully submitted.
  • Council staff are available to provide support to anyone who may need assistance completing the nomination form, or has any questions about the Volunteer Recognition Awards more generally, contact us by email at michelle.bertoli@shepparton.vic.gov.au or phone 03 5832 9498.

Download Form and Guidelines

Nominee eligibility

To be eligible for nomination of an award, nominees must:

  • Be volunteering in the Greater Shepparton municipality
  • Be 12 years of age and over
  • Volunteer generously within their community

A nomination will be deemed ineligible if the nominee is:

  • A collective of volunteers working within a Local Government Setting
  • Volunteering as part of their employment
  • Receives payment for their efforts they are being nominated for
  • Submitting an application on behalf of themselves

Nomination requirements

  • It is advisable to complete all fields in the nomination form
  • Include specific descriptive details rather than general statements
  • Please advise on the form, whether you give permission for Council to advise the nominee that you have nominated them

Completing a nomination

When selecting a category for your nominee, please consider the following:

  • You may nominate an individual in more than one category provided that the nominee’s activities and achievements align with the description of the category.
  • Council reserves the right to transfer a nomination to a more appropriate category if necessary.
  • You may nominate Young People in any of the categories that their achievements align with.
  • Despite nominations in multiple categories, any nominee will only be eligible to win one Award category.
  • Despite multiple nominations for one nominee, nominees will only be eligible to win one Award category.
  • Wording used in the nomination form will be used for the Nominee Profile booklet

Assessment Process

Once the nomination has been received, Council reviews the forms to ensure

  • It meets the eligibility criteria.
  • All of the required information is available for the nomination to be progressed to the assessors.
  • Eligible nominations are then progresses to be assess by an independent assessment panel.
  • The panel assess the information provided in each nomination form and consider the responses against the assessment criteria.

Assessment criteria

  • This nomination is first reviewed to determine the relevance of the nominee’s contributions to the selected category description.
  • Once the nomination within each category have been confirmed, the assessment panel review the nominee’s contributions as evaluated against the following four criteria:
    1. Significant contribution to their community.
    2. Making a difference in their community.
    3. Demonstration of community participation.
    4. Meeting an identified community need.
  • The panel will assess the applications to determine the category winners, they will decide the winners of the awards
  • The assessment panel’s decision will be final. No correspondence or discussion will be entered into regarding the decision
  • All nominations will receive formal acknowledgement and an invitation to the Volunteer Recognition Award Ceremony during National Volunteer Week

Celebrating the winners

  • All nominees will be notified of their nomination.
  • All nominees and their guests will be invited to Volunteer Recognition Awards Ceremony during National Volunteer Week.
  • All nominators will be invited to Volunteer Recognition Awards Ceremony during National Volunteer Week.
  • Each nominee will receive recognition at the Awards ceremony.
  • The Winner of each category will not be notified of their win until the announcement at the Awards ceremony.
  • The Winner of each category will receive recognition at the Awards ceremony.

Key definitions

  • Volunteer: For the purpose of these awards, a volunteer is someone who gives their time willingly for the common good and without financial gain. (Volunteering Australia definition)
  • Nominee: A person who volunteers (according to the definition above) within the Greater Shepparton municipality and is being nominated for a Volunteer Recognition Award.