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Animal management plan delivers positive outcome

The implementation of Greater Shepparton City Council’s 2013-2017 Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP) has resulted in a significant decline in the number of dogs being euthanased, an increase in dogs and cats being rehoused and an increase in dogs being claimed by their owners.

The statistics show over a 10 year period that the number of dogs euthanased went down from just over 50 per cent in 2007-2008 to approximately 10 per cent last financial year. The year prior to this was as low as eight per cent which is a significant achievement.

The DAMP sets out a method for evaluating whether the animal control services provided by Council were adequate to meet the requirements of the Domestic Animals Act 1994. The Plan was endorsed by Council in September 2013 with the Action Plan being endorsed by Council in September 2014 in accordance with the Domestic Animals Act 1994. 

Greater Shepparton City Council Manager Citizens Services, Laurienne Winbanks said the DAMP and the Action Plan have steered the direction of animal management activities resulting in substantial changes to animal management practices and upgrades to the Animal Shelter to meet legislative requirements.

“Council is working closely with the community to promote responsible pet ownership,” said Ms Winbanks. “Our focus is on the welfare of the animal and providing the best opportunity for it to be placed in a good home.  We have developed some great relationships with breed specific shelters and the development of our foster care program is providing great assistance in keeping animals out of the shelter environment in the first place.”

“We don’t impound an animal unless it is necessary and we aim to get pets back to their owners.  However, we will not shy away from dealing with irresponsible owners who do not do the right thing and this starts with registering and microchipping your pet in the first place,” said Ms Winbanks.

“Over the last four years we have also completed a number of successful prosecutions for serious dog attacks resulting in substantial penalties for dog owners including convictions and orders banning offenders for owning dogs for 3-5 years,” she said.

We are extremely proud of the team at the Greater Shepparton Animal Shelter and the great results we have achieved over the past four years.


The DAMP and subsequent Action Plan aimed to promote animal welfare, the responsible pet ownership of dogs and cats and the protection of the environment by providing schemes to:

  • protect the community and the environment from feral and nuisance dogs and cats;
  • register and permanently identify dogs and cats;
  • promote responsible ownership;
  • identify and control dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs; and
  • identify, monitor and register domestic animal businesses to maintain the standards of those businesses.

With the conclusion of the DAMP 2013-2017 in 2017, officers have commenced development of the new Domestic Animal Management Plan 2018-2021 to guide animal management services over the next four years.


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