Financial Plan

The Greater Shepparton City Council Financial Plan is a 10-year forecast of Council’s finances that guides how the community’s needs and aspirations in the Council Plan and Community Vision will be resourced.

It forecasts Council’s finances based on assumptions about the future and these results are evaluated against financial performance indicators.

The final document was adopted at the October 2021 Council Meeting following extensive community consultation. 

The Financial Plan outlines how much money Council plans to spend to deliver key services and infrastructure to the community over the next decade. 

The Financial Plan is a rolling plan and Council acknowledges that there are a number of dynamic variables that may influence the outcomes outlined, including the rate capping framework, grants received and growth in the number of properties. Because of this the financial statement and indicators will be regularly reviewed to re-assess Council’s financial sustainability with up-to-date information.

You can view the Financial Plan at the link below.