Greater Shepparton Heritage Plaques Pilot Program

Greater Shepparton City Council, in association with the Greater Shepparton Heritage Advisory Committee (the Committee), has commenced the Greater Shepparton Heritage Plaques Pilot Program (the Pilot Program).

Plaques are one of the most effective and visible means of celebrating our historic built environment. The Pilot Program aims to install interpretive plaques on places in the Heritage Overlay in Greater Shepparton.


Plaques have the ability to create a connection between the person viewing them and the place in which they are located. This increases the community’s sense of awareness of its history making it more accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. Plaques can also play an important conservation role helping to highlight buildings with historic and other associations that help to preserve them for future generations.

At the Heritage Advisory Committee meeting held in March 2020, the Committee agreed to investigate the Pilot Program considering to be a cost-effective way of identifying and promoting buildings and structures of cultural heritage significance within Greater Shepparton.

A shortlist of 74 possible buildings and structures was identified that could participate in the Pilot Program reflecting the wide diversity of heritage places evident across Greater Shepparton.

The Greater Shepparton Heritage Plaques Guide 2021: Pilot Program (the Guide) was prepared to support the Pilot Program. The objective of the Guide is to provide an overarching set of standard signage design principles to inform the preparation of, design and installation of heritage plaques. The Guide seeks to provide consistency in the design, appearance, content and placement of plaques to be installed across Greater Shepparton. A copy of the guide can be found below.

I have received a letter about the Pilot Program, what should I do?

Participation is voluntary and there are no costs involved for participating land owners associated with the Pilot Program.

Should you wish to participate in the Pilot Program, please respond via email to or by mail at Greater Shepparton City Council, Locked Bag 1000, Shepparton VIC 3632 or contact Council’s Building, Planning and Compliance Department on (03) 5832 9730.

Are there any maintenance obligations?

It is not anticipated that the plaques will require any maintenance. The plaques will be made of vitreous enamel and are hardwearing, waterproof and resistant to graffiti, marker pen, frost, fire and acid.

Next Steps

The content and installation of the plaques is expected to be finalised in late 2021, and will be subject to review by Council’s Heritage Advisory Committee and Heritage Advisor.

The installation of plaques is expected to be undertaken by a Council contractor with Council’s Heritage Advisor in attendance to ensure significant fabric is not impacted upon and the placing of the plaque aligns with the standards included in the Guide.

Following the completion of the Pilot Program, the Committee will consider formalising an annual program to promote plaques for all buildings and structures in the Heritage Overlay across Greater Shepparton.

The closing date for a response is 5pm on Friday, 25 June 2021.

For more information, please call Council's Building, Planning and Compliance Department on (03) 5832 9730.