Occasional Care

The Occasional Care child care program provides occasional care for children aged 0-6 years.

A day at the Occasional Care program provides a balance of planned activities appropriate to your child's age and skill level, as well as supervised free play with a range of toys and equipment. Activities include painting, puzzles, climbing, and water and sand play.

Occasional care is a great opportunity for your child to interact with other children in a fun and relaxed environment, and is also a great way for families to meet new people.


Things you need to know


When bringing your child to the childcare centre, please bring him/her into the playroom and ensure a staff member knows your child is present.

The attendance book must be signed on arrival each day - with your child's name, arrival time, age, and parent/guardian signature. Staff must be notified if a person other than a parent/guardian is to collect your child. Departure time and signature of collecting person must again be documented in the attendance book when leaving the centre.

If this is the first time you are leaving your child in a care situation, please feel free to spend some time getting to know the centre and the staff. In the first weeks of commencing care, parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the Centre as often they feel necessary. Staff will provide you and your child/children with assistance and support as needed.

Late pick-up

A late fee will be charged to parents at $2 for every minute after the nominated collection time.

If you are unavoidably delayed, please phone the centre to let staff know and try to arrange for someone else to pick up your child at the specified time. Children become anxious if you are later than they expect.


Children need to bring a change of clothes in case of accidents (toileting, spills). All clothes need to be clearly named.

Please bring:

  • in winter: a coat and hat
  • in summer: a hat for outdoor play, and sunscreen
  • a soft toy and dummy (if used) for rest time

Babies also need:

  • four nappies
  • two pairs of plastic pants
  • two plastic bags to return nappies home


Each child is to bring their own food for the session. Please make sure containers are clearly labelled. Water will be available throughout all sessions.

Parents of babies on formula need to provide an adequate supply of made-up bottles for the day, in clearly labelled bottles.

Illness and Infectious Diseases

When a child becomes ill at the centre, we will contact the parent/guardian or emergency contact immediately. Arrangements will be made for the child to be collected as soon as possible. All staff and families will be notified of any infectious disease occurring in the program.

Any child suffering from an infectious disease should be kept at home for the period outlined in our exclusion list.

Medications that need to be administered must be entered and signed in the Accident/Illness/Medication Book. A staff member will assist with this. Please note that children can only be administered medication that is clearly labelled with the child's name and prescribed dosage.

If your child has an accident or is injured, the Program Leader will notify the parent/guardian or emergency contact immediately. Enrolment forms include a section for parents to give permission for an ambulance and/or necessary treatment in emergency circumstances.


An enrolment form must be completed before your child is left at the program. This form will cover your child for the current year. Please notify the Program Leader of any change of address, doctor, workplace or emergency contact(s).

 Please come prepared with:

  • the name of your child's doctor
  • an emergency contact phone number
  • proof of age
  • details of any allergies/special needs
  • ambulance subscription number
  • immunisation details


It is advisable to make a booking to ensure a place (generally one week in advance). If payment is made in advance, there will be no refund if the child does not attend.


Staff at the program need to be notified by 9am on the day of care booked if care is to be cancelled for that day, otherwise parents will be charged the full fee.

School Holidays

Occasional care will not be available during the school holiday periods.