Central Registration Policy

The aim of this policy is to ensure the fair allocation of kindergarten places for those kindergartens participating in the Greater Shepparton City Council Central Registration scheme; ensuring allocations meet the requirements of the Department of Education and Training (DET), the Department of Employment, Department of Education and the National Discrimination Laws.

All enquiries should be directed to the Central Registration Officer:

Central Registration Officer
Greater Shepparton City Council
Telephone: (03) 5832 9700
Email: central.enrolment@shepparton.vic.gov.au


  1. Children who will have their fourth birthday by 30 April in the year of attendance at a state funded kindergarten are eligible for registration.
  2. Applications for Early Start Kindergarten are available to children who turn three (3) years old by 30 April in the year they are attending kindergarten and who:
    • are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, OR
    • have current or a history of involvement with Child Protection, including those in Out-of-Home Care, OR
    • who has been referred by Child Protection to Child FIRST, Integrated Family Services or Services Connect.
    For further information, visit the Victorian Department of Education and Training website.
  3. Applications for the initial allocation of place close on 31 August of the year prior to the year of attendance at kindergarten.
  4. Only registrations made on the current Kindergarten Central Registration Form will be accepted. Parents/Guardians should indicate their first and second choice of kindergarten. If you need to submit a hard copy application, please contact the Central Registration Officer on (03) 5832 9807.
  5. Registration forms are only valid after being received at the Council Office, 90 Welsford Street, Shepparton.
  6. You will receive a letter or email stating that the Central Registration Officer has received your registration form. This is not a ‘Letter of Offer’.
  7. Parents will be notified by the kindergarten of successful placement by 4 October in the year of application. If confirmation to accept   the place is not received by the kindergarten by the notified date, the place will be offered to the next child on the kindergarten waiting list based on applications received prior to 31 August and access criteria.
  8. After 31 August, where vacancies occur at a kindergarten, a place is offered to the first child on that kindergarten’s waiting list, based on the priority of access criteria after 31 August.
  9. Children transferring from areas outside the City of Greater Shepparton after 31 August are considered under the same conditions as late enrolments.
  10. Under the “No Jab, No Play” legislation, before commencing kindergarten, you will have to provide evidence that your child:
    • is up to date with vaccinations for their age OR
    • is on a recognised vaccine catch-up schedule OR
    • has a medical condition preventing them from being fully vaccinated.
  11. Final acceptance of a child at any kindergarten is only given after proof-of-age has been provided to the kindergarten. (e.g. Birth Certificate, Passport, Australia Immunisation Statement (AIS) or Maternal and Child Health Record).
  12. This registration scheme does not offer an option for deferring your registration. If you wish to withdraw your child you will need to complete a new Central Registration Form for the following year.
  13. Should you wish to cancel or withdraw your child’s registration, please visit the Greater Shepparton City Council website and complete a Change of preference or Withdrawal form. This will assist us to update our records and offer the place to the next child on the waiting list. All changes to your child’s registration must be notified in writing.
  14. Due to the State Government Kindergarten Funding Guidelines, Kindergartens are unable to offer more than one year of funded kindergarten, unless exceptional circumstances exist and PRIOR approval is granted by the  Department of Education and Training. Further information regarding this can be found on the DET website
  15. Fees will be charged over 10 monthly instalments from February to November.  Should you choose to pay your fees in full, this must be done prior to the 17th February 2021 otherwise the monthly fee will be debited as per the direct debit form.
  16. All enquiries regarding the Kindergarten Central Registration Procedure should be directed to:

Criteria of access criteria for kindergarten 

The following criteria for priority of access will be considered with each application.

Children at risk of abuse or neglect or children in out of home care

The child is:

  • attending a 3 year old kindergarten program through Early Start Kindergarten;
  • referred by the following;
    • Child Protection
    • Child and family services e.g. Child FIRST
    • Maternal and Child Health nurse
    • Out of Home Care Provider

Family identifies the child as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander

Early Start Kindergarten may be available to children turning three by 30 April in the year they'll start kindergarten if:

  • Children who are, or have been, in foster care, permanent care or kinship care (Out of Home Care)
  • Children who are on, or have been on, statutory orders from Child Protection anywhere in Australia
  • Children and families who have had involvement with Child FIRST and or Child Protection. Referred by Child Protection, Child and Family Services (Family Services Referral and Support Team, Child FIRST/Integrated Family Services/Services Connect care worker)
  • Families who self-refer to Child FIRST where child/ siblings have had involvement in Child Protection

Children of Asylum seeker and refugee children

Appropriate visa that identifies the child and/or parent as a refugee or asylum seeker.

  • Rufugee visa (subclass 200)
  • In-country Special Humanitarian visa (subclass 201)
  • Global Special Humanitarian visa (subclass 202)
  • Protection visa (subclass 866)
  • Emergency Rescue (subclass 203)
  • Woman at risk (subclass 204)
  • Bridging visas A-E or ImmiCard
  • Temporary Humanitarian Concern (THC) visa (subclass 786).

Children of families who have a Concession Card or from a multiple birth

Children or parents who hold:

  • Commonwealth Health Care Card (HCC)
  • Pensioner Concession Card (PCC)
  • Veteran’s Affairs Card
  • Or are from a multiple birth (triplets or more)

Children with additional needs who:

  • requires additional assistance in order to fully participate in the kindergarten program;
  • have an identified specific disability or developmental delay;
  • require a combination of services which are individually planned.

The child is:

  • assessed as having delays in two or more areas and is declared eligible for a second year of kindergarten;
  • approved for Kindergarten Inclusion Support Package (KIS);
  • referred by:
    • The National Disability Insurance Scheme
    • Early Childhood Intervention Service
    • Preschool Field Officer or
    • Maternal & Child Health nurse
  • holds a Child Disability Health Care Card

Children of parents who satisfy the work / training / study test

Children of a single parent who satisfies, or of parents who both satisfy, the work / training / study test under Section 14 of the "A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999".

Children with a community connection

  • Your child currently attends Pre-Kindergarten at the service of first preference
  • Your child currently attends Long Day Care at the service of first preference
  • Your child currently attends Occasional Care at the service of first preference
  • Your child currently attends Playgroup at the service of first preference
  • Your child has a sibling that attended the service of first preference within the last 3 years
  • Your child has a sibling that attends a school with a co-located kinder/school.

In the instance there are multiple registrations meeting the above criteria, preference will be given in the order listed relevant to the service attending (Kindergarten, Long Day Care).

When all applications eligible for priority have been allocated and the service still has spaces, all remaining names will be allocated to the service by a random ballot conducted by the Central Registration Officer.

Where a service exceeds applications to places, the service will be contacted and made aware of partial ballot and asked where applicable to confirm proof of access.

The ballot will occur within five (5) working days of 31 August.

The ballot will continue until all names are selected. Names selected after the available places are filled, will be placed in order of selection on the waiting list for that service.

Services will be required to provide information of past enrolments of previous attendance at a service.

Parents/Guardians of children not allocated a place in their kindergarten of first preference will be notified by the Central Registration Officer. At this time they will be notified of available places and given the option of accepting a place at an available kindergarten, or putting their child’s name on the kindergarten of choice waiting list. However, there is no guarantee of a place becoming available at that kindergarten. It is not possible to accept a place at a kindergarten and remain on the waiting list for another kindergarten.

Late Applications

Applications received after the closing date (late registrations) will be placed on the central waiting list for consideration after initial registrations are processed. Placements from the waiting list are made according to kindergarten preferences, available vacancies and priority of access.

Change of Preference

Should you wish to change your preference, you are required to complete a "Change of Preference Form". Once you have completed this form, your new preference will be updated on the registration system.

Change of Preference Forms are available by contacting the Central Registration Officer. They are only valid after being date stamped at the Council Office and if an original registration has been submitted at the Council. Change of Preference forms submitted after 31 August are considered under the same conditions as late registrations.


Parents/guardians need to check with their preferred kindergarten as to whether a funded program is being offered for the year their child will attend.

At the time of printing, the kindergartens listed all comply with the Children’s Services National Quality Framework and are eligible for the Department of Education and Training Kindergarten Certificate and funding.

Greater Shepparton City Council complies with the Information Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic).  For more information, see our Privacy Policy.