Pandemic Plan 

A critical function for Council at this time is implementation of a Pandemic Plan. This plan is a subset of the Greater Shepparton Municipal Emergency Management Plan.

What’s the purpose of the Plan?

The overall objectives of the Pandemic Plan are to:

  • Assist in reducing the impacts of the pandemic on the Greater Shepparton region.
  • Support containment strategies through accurate, timely and coordinated communication and community support.
  • Provide support and recovery assistance throughout the duration of the pandemic.
  • Ensure response activities are consistent across all organisations.

How is the plan managed?

The plan is managed by a Pandemic Co-ordinator as part of a Pandemic Co-ordination Team within Council.  The Team focuses on triaging and responding to a range of COVID-19 related questions. Questions are coming in from service providers, businesses and residents. The team then link people with the information they need.

We are working closely with many local organisations to ensure our community is informed, supported and have their questions answered.

Our Pandemic Co-ordination Team makes weekly contact with our community service agencies to identify if they are experiencing any issues, if they need support and to track they type of response and support they are providing.

How do you know which businesses need help?

Council is also maintaining a business impact register. Whilst some businesses have benefited from the additional demand for certain supplies and services, a significant number of businesses have experienced significant distress as a result of COVID-19. We know jobs are being lost and businesses are struggling to keep afloat. The register is used to record economic impacts that are forwarded to the State and Federal Government to support advocacy on behalf of local business.

Where can I get help?

If you have issues or concerns due to the impact of COVID-19 and have questions you need answered, go to Council’s COVID-19 pandemic webpage which is updated regularly to maintain current information.

What about people with no support, how do you help them?

The Pandemic Co-ordination Team manages a vulnerable person’s register and links those in need with necessary services. If you are aware of someone in need please contact the Pandemic Co-ordinator on 03 5832 9700.

Download the Plan

Developed by the Greater Shepparton Municipal Emergency Planning Committee.

PDF, 352 KB

How can I find out more about the Plan and how it can assist me?

Our Pandemic Co-ordination Team is available to provide more information on the plan and how it might apply to you. For more information please contact the Pandemic Co-ordinator on 03 5832 9700