‘So You Know’ Education Campaign

The `So You Know’ campaign builds on work done in Geelong with Police, Council and licensees. It recognises that many people in our community are unaware of many fines which Police can issue on-the-spot fines for offences under state and local laws in Greater Shepparton.

Greater Shepparton City Council encourages everyone in the community to be proactive when it comes to community safety and think before they act.

With this information not always being readily available Council has developed 'So You Know' posters to prompt the community to consider when their actions may in fact be deemed offences in Victoria.

Two posters have been developed with one targeted at late night venue patrons and the other at youth with relevant offences and penalties included for each group.

Offences detailed on the late night venue poster include 'Fail to leave licensed premises when drunk' attracting a penalty of $704 and 'Drunk and disorderly in a public place (2nd offence)' attracting a hefty $1408 which could change a fun night out with friends to being very expensive and regrettable.

The youth targeted poster includes offences such as 'Possession of a prescribed graffiti implement' which attracts a penalty of $704 and 'False identification offences' with fines of $282 per offence. This information has also been developed into wallet sized cards for distribution to young people.

The posters have been distributed through the Shepparton Liquor Accord, local High Schools and agencies to encourage people to be aware that of the consequences which are associated with particular offences.

The posters are available for download below or alternatively please contact the Community Safety Officer on 03 5832 9700 for further information.