Smoking and Tobacco

As a result of tobacco law reform, residents can enjoy a smoke-free environment while eating out in all enclosed environments such as shopping centres, restaurants, licensed premises and gaming venues.

In addition, enclosed workplaces, under-age ‘music/dance' events and all covered areas of train station platforms and bus stops are also smoke-free.

Smoking is prohibited within 10 metres of:

  • outdoor public children’s playground equipment
  • skate parks
  • all outdoor areas of public swimming pools
  • all sporting venues during organised under-age sporting events and training sessions.

These laws have been enacted to help keep Victorian communities free from tobacco-related illnesses caused by second hand tobacco smoke.

Greater Shepparton City Council's Environmental Health department is responsible for ensuring that all commercial or public premises within Greater Shepparton are compliant with tobacco laws.

  • Victorian Tobacco Reforms
    The Department of Health provides information about Victoria's anti-smoking initiatives comprising the regulation of the sale and display of tobacco products and reduction of environmental tobacco smoke through legislation.
  • Quit Victoria
    Quit Victoria is dedicated to eliminating the pain, suffering and costs caused by tobacco.