Food Complaints

If you have found a foreign material (e.g. insect, hair, stone) in food you have purchased, or suspect you may have fallen ill from something you have eaten, contact the Council's Environmental Health Department on 03 5832 9731 to report this matter.

Important: Keep all suspect foods and packaging in the fridge for further investigation. Please remember to keep all high risk foods (perishable foods) cold (below 5 degrees).

The Food Poisoning Chain

For food poisoning to happen there must be a chain of events:

  • There must be bacteria on the food.
  • The bacteria must have the right conditions to grow, that is, warmth (between 5 degrees and 60 degrees), moisture and food.
  • The bacteria must have time to grow and multiply.

By preventing each of these you can break the Food Poisoning Chain and prevent food poisoning.