Registering a New Food business

Follow the steps below to register your food business:

Step 1: Submit a Floor Plan

Provide a scaled floor plan of the proposed food premises to Council Environmental Health Department for assessment showing:

  • The layout of all fixtures, fittings and equipment
  • A description of materials to be used on surface finishes including walls, floors and bench tops.
  • Locations of waste disposal area, storage areas, toilets etc

Step 2: Determine the Classification

Please review the Classification List at the Food Safety Victoria website to determine which class applies to your business. The food safety requirements are linked to the class of food premises.

Please note: Class 4 food businesses do not need to register as a food premises but you do need to notify Council. To notify, complete the Notification of a Food Premises form (available below). An acknowledgement of your notification will be sent.

If you are unsure which classification applies to your business, please contact Council's Environmental Health Department on 03 5832 9731.

Step 3: Apply for Registration

Complete the Application to Register a Food Premises form (available below) and return to Council with the applicable fee. Please contact Council's Environmental Health Department on 03 5832 9731 to find out the applicable fee for the class of premises.

As part of the application process Class 1 and 2 businesses need to have a Food Safety Program in place. A Food Safety Program is a written plan that shows what a business does to ensure that the food it sells is safe for human consumption. It is an important tool for helping businesses that handle process or sell potentially hazardous foods and maintain safe food handling practices.

Businesses also need to ensure the person nominated for the role of Food Safety Supervisor has completed the relevant training.

For further information on these requirements please contact Council's Environmental Health Department on 03 5832 9731 or visit the Department of Health's Food Safety Website.

Step 4: Arrange for an Inspection

An Environmental Health Officer will complete an inspection of the food premises once works are completed.

Step 5: Approval

Council will issue a Certificate of Registration if your business meets all the essential requirements. Under the Food Act it is an offence to operate a food business without being registered.