Shipping Containers

Under Greater Shepparton City Council's Community Living Local Law Number 1 2018, clause 3.2: a person must not, without a permit:

  • keep, store, repair or in any other manner use any shipping container upon any Council land or a road; or
  • allow any shipping container upon any land other than Council land or a road to adversely impact the visual amenity of a neighbourhood.

Shipping Container Permit

To apply for a permit to place a shipping container upon any Council land or a road, please complete the Bin / Container on Council Land Application Form and return the completed application and payment to Council at least 28 days prior to the permit being required.

The permit applicant will be required to demonstrate:

  • that the shipping container cannot be placed on private property
  • compliance with Council's Planning Scheme
  • that either the applicant or the bin supplier has a minimum of $20 million public liability insurance for the placement of the container on Council land or road.