Invitations to the Mayor and Councillors

Completion of this form will provide the details required to assist Council staff in ensuring the Mayor and/or Councillors are appropriately briefed and prepared to attend your event.

Among the details you will be required to provide are:

  • the date, time and title of your event or function;
  • the purpose of the event or function;
  • whether the Mayor or Councillor will be required to deliver a speech;
  • the most suitable arrival and departure times for the Mayor and / or Councillor to attend your event, the estimated duration of the function and who will be greeting Council’s attendee upon arrival; and
  • the dress code that applies for attendees at your event.

It is extremely important to advise the office of the Mayor and Councillors of any changes to your planned event that occur after you have submitted your initial request, particularly any changes to timings or venue.

Send an invitation to the Mayor/Councillors