Check this page regularly for details of current tenders with the Greater Shepparton City Council.

View Council Tenders

Greater Shepparton City Council tenders can be downloaded from our TenderSearch website. To download the documents, tenderers must register with TenderSearch. Registration is free of charge.

Note about submission process

Tenders will not be accepted in hard copy form submitted at the Welsford Street Office. Tenders are required to be submitted electronically via Council’s E-Tendering system only.

For more information or assistance with this process please contact Council’s Contracts and Procurement Team on 03 5832 9830.

Tenders will not be received:

  • After the specified closing time
  • By facsimile
  • By e-mail

In accordance with Council's Procurement Policy (available on our Council Policies page) and procedures, successful contractors will be required to be registered and compliant with LinkSafe prior to the start of the contract.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Council will demonstrate a commitment to ensuring its suppliers observe Council’s Supplier Code of Conduct, as updated from time to time. The Supplier Code of Conduct will state the obligations of suppliers to act in accordance with recognised human rights and environmental, Occupational Health and Safety and a generally accepted standard of ethical behaviour.

Suppliers will be required, prior to commencing work under a contract, to complete an acknowledgment that they have read and understood, and agree to act in accordance with the Supplier Code of Conduct.


Doing business with Local Government

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) have produced an annual calendar of workshops and e-learning modules to assist suppliers in building a successful, long-term relationship with local government.

This program examines the role of procurement within local government, and the guidelines and legislation which councils must adhere to when making purchasing decisions for goods and services. 

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Please direct any questions relating to Council's procurement to the Procurement Department on 03 5832 9830.