Murchison is a small community full of character and charm situated on the banks of the Goulburn River, 35 kilometres south of Shepparton. Known as the "River Bank Garden Town", the serenity and friendliness of Murchison is a pleasure to experience.

Dig deeper and you will discover Murchison has been witness to a rich tapestry of monumental historical events.

Gold was discovered in the area in 1853 and the township, named after Captain John Murchison, was established in 1854. From the old township and cemetery you get a real understanding of life during the gold rush.

Murchison was the site of the legendary Murchison Meteorite which broke up in the skies above the town on 28 September 1969. Fragments of the meteorite are on display in many museums around the globe with the meteorite estimated to be 4.5 billion years old. The Murchison Meteorite is etched in the minds of locals who are more than willing to tell the story of their experience.

During World War II 4,000 Italian, German and Japanese POWs were detained at Murchison. Those who died at Murchison were buried in the local cemetery but floods in 1956 did major damage to the graves. The Italian families in the municipality were persuaded by Luigi Gigliotti to pay for the building of a mausoleum - the Ossario. Luigi also convinced authorities to bury all the Italian POWs and detainees who died in Australian prison camps in the mausoleum. The Ossario is the home of mass celebrations each year on Remembrance Day.

But Murchison isn't all about historic events. The newly established boardwalk lets visitors to the area enjoy the impressive view of the Goulburn River, which was navigable by paddlesteamers prior to 1887.

The culture and history of Murchison is represented in buildings scattered through the township. The old and the new gives this river bank garden town a character all its own.

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