City Walk Mural
City Walk Mural

Shepparton is one of the most progressive provincial cities in regional Australia. At the heart of the municipality of Greater Shepparton, the city is growing at a rapid rate.

A range of industries are based here including fruit processing. SPC is a giant of the fruit industry and has been central to the success and growth of the region for many years.

The city draws shoppers and visitors from across northern Victoria and southern New South Wales.

Shepparton is the home of SPC Factory Sales - a warehouse selling everything from canned fruits and tomato products to baked beans and spaghetti in bulk and at vastly reduced prices. Thousands of visitors flock to Shepparton each year to snare a bargain and with daily specials you are guaranteed to save.

The demand for housing continues to outstrip supply, with new housing subdivisions commencing virtually every month.

The Victoria Park Lake precinct is a community icon in the heart of Shepparton, attracting residents and visitors to a picturesque passive recreation area all year round.

The Aquamoves complex sits on the western edge of Victoria Park Lake and is a first class, award winning aquatic and leisure centre.