Herbicide use for removal of native vegetation

Landholders are being asked to apply for a permit before removing, destroying or lopping native vegetation, which includes spraying native vegetation with chemicals.

It is crucial the Greater Shepparton community follow guidelines and legislation in place to protect native vegetation, including trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses. Native vegetation provides habitat for our plants and animals and delivers a range of services to the environment and people’s well-being. Mapping shows there is less than 2.5 per cent of pre-European settlement native vegetation remaining in the region.

Guidelines for the removal, destruction or lopping of Native Vegetation, provided by the Victorian Government, needs to be understood to ensure correct processes are followed, including identification of the species and appropriate recommendations and options for proposed works on private land. This includes the need for landholders to apply for a planning permit through Greater Shepparton City Council during the planning and design stage of a project if any works or actions are likely to impact native vegetation.

Greater Shepparton City Council is working closely with Agriculture Victoria to ensure compliance with the legislation. Fines have been recently issued following a joint investigation into the removal and spraying of roadside native vegetation in the Greater Shepparton region.

It is illegal to remove or destroy native vegetation on any Victorian roadside, including the use of chemicals for suppression of weeds or for fire risk fuel reduction.  As part of the investigation, Agriculture Victoria collected plant samples which were analysed to confirm the chemicals used.  The fine recipient has agreed to revegetate the impacted roadside with low growing shrubs during the year’s revegetation season.

The incorrect or improper use of chemical sprays on native vegetation can cause significant damage and loss. To report roadside weeds or for further information on obtaining a permit, contact Greater Shepparton City Council on 5832 9700 or click here.


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